Title Published Date
EAW announces UXA4416 DSP Amplifiers & Software Update 18.04.2024
KLANG releases the KOS 5.5 Operating System 10.04.2024
DiGiCo announces V1742 Software Release for SD and Quantum Consoles 09.04.2024
Imaginando enhances K7D Tape Delay Plugin 09.04.2024
IK Multimedia releases Metal Gems Signature Collection for TONEX 28.03.2024
NEXO announces New Subs, NXAMP Firmware and NeMo Software Updates 28.03.2024
Akai Professional unveils MPC Stems 26.03.2024
Pliant Technologies debuts CrewWare 2.0 Software Update 19.03.2024
Out Now: Baby Audio BA-1 FX Strip Plugin + Update 14.03.2024
Imaginando updates its DLYM 2.1.0 Delay Plugin 05.03.2024
Ableton Live 12 ist da 05.03.2024
Ableton Live 12 is Out Now 05.03.2024
VB-Audio announces the February 2024 Voicemeeter Major Release 05.03.2024
KS AUDIO: New F MOD Firmware, New Member Sales Family 26.02.2024
Orchestral Tools announces Drones Arkanum Update 22.02.2024
Accentize announces Major Update to dxRevive Plug-in 14.02.2024
RME announces Room Correction for Immersive Audio in TotalMix FX 09.02.2024
Ferncast announced the release of its aixtream 3.6 Software 09.02.2024
Ferncast verkündet den Release von aixtream v3.6 09.02.2024
Blokas introduces the Midihub 1.15 Update 08.02.2024
SAE Institute übernimmt Fachbereiche der Akademie Deutsche POP 06.02.2024
Marquee AV select Martin Audio CDD for New Restaurant 05.02.2024
Shure ernennt Marco Weissert zum Lead of European Sales 05.02.2024
LEWITT stellt Update für CONNECT 6 vor 31.01.2024
ULTRA Events invests in the Future with d&b audiotechnik A-Series 29.01.2024
KLOTZ introduces the New LaGrange Supreme Guitar Cable 2024 29.01.2024
Forever Young: Das neue KLOTZ LaGrange Supreme Guitar Cable 29.01.2024
Eventide updates Blackhole and MicroPitch Immersive Plugins 26.01.2024
Zoom unveils the H6essential 32-Bit Handy Recorder 26.01.2024
Zoom kündigt den H6essential an 26.01.2024
Neumann präsentiert neue Live Sound Produkte 25.01.2024
Audiomovers announce OMNIBUS 3.0 and Binaural Renderer for Apple Music 25.01.2024
Sound Radix unveils Auto-Align 2.1 at NAMM 2024 25.01.2024
SKY Sport Germany selects Latest Lawo Technology 24.01.2024
STAGETEC presents Newest Developments at ISE 2024 24.01.2024
IsoAcoustics und HEDD stellen Aufhängung für immersive Lautsprecher-Setups vor 23.01.2024
Waves announces New Version of the eMotion LV1 Live Mixer 22.01.2024
Waves announces New Version of the eMotion LV1 Live Mixer 22.01.2024
HH launches Tensor-MINI 19.01.2024
Squarp Instruments releases the HapaxOs Major Upgrade 2.0 19.01.2024
Image Creation Hub eröffnet neue Prolight + Sound Perspektiven 18.01.2024
Flock Audio announces PATCH APP DX 1.1.0 at NAMM 2024 18.01.2024
Wisycom updates MTK982 Dual-Wideband Transmitter 16.01.2024
d&b audiotechnik auf der ISE 2024 15.01.2024
NTi Audio introduces the XL3 Firmware Update V1.26 12.01.2024
NTi Audio stellt das XL3 Firmware Update V1.26 vor 12.01.2024
Polyend introduces the Tracker Mini 1.0.1 Firmware Update 11.01.2024
IK Multimedia releases TONEX 1.5 11.01.2024
Harrison Audio previews Mixbus V10 Update at NAMM Show 09.01.2024
IsoAcoustics für Deane Cameron Recording Studio in Massey Hall 09.01.2024