New KS AUDIO F MOD Firmware & Sales Family Member

KS Audio JuergenSartorius
Jürgen Sartorius

At KS AUDIO, it is important to us to be as close to customers as possible. Their products - from small to large, from entry-level devices such as our SAT 3.0 to reference loudspeakers such as our CPD 18 - are developed with great care. It is for good reason that every KS AUDIO system has the same footprint in the sound experience and is always plug & play.

Moreover, KS Audio announce that the very practice-orientated Jürgen Sartorius will be promoting the KS AUDIO products with immediate effect. Jürgen Sartorius is known to many musicians through his promotional and workshop tours for various manufacturers such as KORG, Technics, Chauvet DJ, VERSE and now also for KS AUDIO. Jürgen, born in 1965, has more than 30 years of stage experience and is the ideal contact for all entertainers, DJs and party bands. Over the years, he has realised that he has always had the best sound with KS AUDIO. He has been using KS AUDIO products for his performances in various formations for some time now. Jürgen now has an impressive portfolio of the company's products. He has all KS AUDIO systems relevant for musicians available for demonstration and is happy to assist you with his knowledge and experience.