Tascam Portacapture X8 Firmware Version 1.30

TASCAM portacaptureX8 AtomX press1

Tascam announces a firmware update to version 1.30, which is intended to provide significant enhancements to the already richly equipped Portacapture X8 portable multi-track recorder.

32-bit float resolution is now also available when using the recorder as a USB audio interface to a DAW (digital Audio Workstation). This facilitates wider dynamic range and higher resolution for better overall audio quality when recording to a computer. The 32-bit float technology enables audio to be dynamically controlled and edited to an extent that is impossible with conventional 16- or 24-bit resolution. Clipped audio segments can easily be corrected and, similarly, low-level audio passages can be adjusted to a higher dB level without raising the noise level.

The firmware update also adds new memory capabilities for device and input settings. Users can now store up to three individual settings on the Launcher main interface as well as up to three input presets for recording apps. This way, preferred and most frequently used configurations can be easily defined and recalled with a tap of the finger.

Also new with firmware v1.30 is the possibility to use Mix Minus with the recorder’s Podcast app. When switched on, a USB audio source can be recorded and monitored by all participants while avoiding an audio feedback loop that would normally occur without Mix Minus. This is particularly important when connecting to a video conference, for example.

Featuring 192-kHz/32-bit float-point audio technology, a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen display, internal 8-track recording, USB audio interface and more, the Portacapture X8 is an exceptional choice for videographers, vlog content producers, media production and music applications to name just a few.