Multitrack Recorder

Title Published Date
TASCAM’s Portacapture X8 delivers Audio Versatility for Qumarosh Abbas Khan 29.05.2024
Sound Devices releases 8-Series v10.0 Firmware Update 22.05.2024
TASCAM's Portacapture X8 used by Aurélien Buiron 27.03.2024
Podcaster Rafael Cardenas thrives with TASCAM 13.03.2024
TASCAM Recorders helps Michael Fitzgerald capture Sound Effortlessly 21.02.2024
Zoom unveils the H6essential 32-Bit Handy Recorder 26.01.2024
Zoom kündigt den H6essential an 26.01.2024
KLOTZ stellt das JoeBonamassa High End Guitar Cable vor 16.01.2024
TASCAM's Portacapture X8 used by Sunny Lau 10.01.2024
Prolight + Sound 2024: Online-Pressekonferenz beleuchtet Zukunft 13.12.2023
Sennheiser präsentiert: Ingo Stoll und die Kunst der Audiografie 07.12.2023
TASCAM Model 16 and Portacapture X8 used by Eoghan Johnston 06.12.2023
TASCAM Portacapture X6 used by YouTube Influencer Landon Bailey 29.11.2023
Yamaha introduces the HS3 and HS4 to its Powered Monitor Family 15.11.2023
RØDE appoints Dr Sam Bucolo as Chief of Design 02.11.2023
FabFilter releases FabFilter Pro-R 2 Reverb Plug-in 02.11.2023
TASCAM's SS-CDR250N brings Clarity to the Minnesota Zoo 25.10.2023
Zoom unveils the R4 MultiTrak 11.10.2023
Zoom stellt den R4 MultiTrak vor 11.10.2023
d&b präsentiert Livemixingworkshop auf der Tonmeistertagung 05.10.2023
TASCAM's Sonicview 24XP used for Newport Jazz Festival 04.10.2023
TASCAM’s Portacapture X8 brings Greater Accuracy to Live Recordings 20.09.2023
Riedel enthüllt MediorNet HorizoN auf IBC 2023 15.09.2023
Mackie nutzt NDI-Standard für Audio/Video Over Ethernet 31.08.2023
Neue Funktionen für Model 12 von Tascam 24.08.2023
Additional Functions for the Tascam Model 12 24.08.2023
TASCAM's Model 12 Keeps Kimchi Kriminal on the Cutting Edge 28.06.2023
Interview: The Man Behind the Neumann KU 100 21.06.2023
Welsh National Opera upgrades with Riedel Bolero 07.06.2023
Paul Lamarre joins Martin Audio US 07.06.2023
Ticketverkauf für die LEaT con gestartet 05.06.2023
Tonexpedition mit Thomas Rex Beverly und Sennheiser nach Grönland 05.06.2023
TASCAM is the Foundation of Annabelle Chairlegs' Recording Efforts 31.05.2023
TASCAM is the Foundation of Annabelle Chairlegs' Recording Efforts 31.05.2023
Firmware-Update bringt zahlreiche Verbesserungen für Tascam Portacapture X6 24.05.2023
Firmware Update Brings Numerous Enhancements to Tascam’s Portacapture X6 24.05.2023
Allen & Heath und Audio-Technica beschallen die Europa-Tour der Band The Baboon Show 23.05.2023
TASCAM's Portacapture X8 is Indispensable for TV Sound Producer Luiz Kruszielski 10.05.2023
Allen & Heath And Audio-Technica Join Forces for Baboon Show Europe 28.04.2023
Beat Master Al "AG Got Beats" Greene Uses TASCAM's Model 12 05.04.2023
TASCAM’s DR-40X used by Podcaster Gilbert “Catfish” Mares 30.03.2023
TASCAM's Model 24 Brings Versatility to Matt Molchany's Engineering Efforts 08.03.2023
Yamaha Wins Two ISE Best Of Show Awards 10.02.2023
Multiple Generations of TASCAM Gear Bring Music to Life for Terry Cole 08.02.2023
The TASCAM Model 12 and DR-40X Keep the Creative Juices Flowing for Spencer Lere 18.01.2023
UA Ships Sphere DLX & LX Modeling Microphones 13.01.2023
TASCAM Portacapture X8 Multi-track used by Matt Johnson 04.01.2023
Bitwig and Orchestral Tools present Orchestral Woodwinds 16.12.2022
Zoom unveils the all-new MicTrak 32-Bit Float Recorder Series 15.12.2022
The TASCAM Model 12 Keeps the Creativity Flowing for Colton Weatherston 30.11.2022