Al Greene Uses TASCAM's Model 12

Tascam AGreene

For Producer, Educator and Entrepreneur Al “AG Got Beats” Greene, the ability to teach audio production to up and coming producers is a crucial element of his day-to-day routine. Similarly, sound creation is an equally vibrant part of his business. Whether he is working on a new music production tutorial, creating beats, or designing sounds for recording projects, much of his work involves mixing, recording, and interfacing with a variety of other studio equipment - and to make it all come together, he relies on the versatility and rich feature set offered by the TASCAM Model 12 Integrated Production Suite.

AG made the transition from artist to producer in the early 2000s. By 2011, he began creating online production tutorials via YouTube, and in 2012 he launched Maschine Masters, one of the first online sites to offer both sound kits and music production tutorials. In 2020, AG purchased his TASCAM Model 12, which in many ways serves as the center of his various beat making, sound design, and video production efforts. He discussed his experience with the Model 12.

“My Model 12 is right at the center of everything I do when it comes to creating beat ideas or sound design, “he reports. “it’s like a Swiss Army knife, regardless of whether I’m interfacing with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or not. I’m able to grab any of my samplers and run their output directly into the Model 12 for mixing. When I’m ready, I can record using the Model 12’s integrated multitrack recorder to SD card to keep the creativity flowing. Equally important, if needed, the WAV files captured by the Model 12’s internal recorder can be imported directly into a DAW for further editing or production. As a result, I have the best of both worlds.”

AG elaborated about the Model 12’s recording and audio interface capabilities, “The fact that the Model 12 has the integrated 12-track to SD card recorder is a huge benefit. I can use the Model 12’s familiar analog look and feel to capture high quality digital recordings. And since I’m recording to SD card, it enables me to move freely between my different setups. Equally important, the Model 12’s USB audio interface facilitates connecting a computer to the Model 12 for playback and recording utilizing a wide range of popular DAW software. This capability lets me decide which manner of working is best suited to the current project. It covers all the bases.”

When queried about how the Model 12 helps him address such a wide range of projects, AG offered the following thoughts. “Lately, I’ve been using a lot of vintage gear that requires older storage mediums,” he explained. “This can be a huge inconvenience at times. The Model 12 helps me bypass storage hassles by tracking ideas to an SD card and importing them to the computer for post-production if needed. This way, I can focus on the vintage sound - without the hassle of having to deal with vintage data storage technology.”

Before shifting his focus back to the business of the day, AG offered these parting thoughts regarding his experience with the TASCAM Model 12, “I’m super pleased with the Model 12. As long as I have multiple workstations in my home studio, the Model 12 will always have a place. It enables me to seamlessly move from one setup to another. The way we interface with technology is crucial to our success and, in this area, TASCAM excels. The Model 12 looks and feels familiar, and that creates an uncanny ability to interface with a wide range of music production gear - without getting in the way of the creative process. You really can’t ask for more than that!”