TASCAM used by Annabelle Chairlegs


Annabelle Chairlegs is a rock band that oscillates between glitz and grit. A collision of adrenaline-meets-anxiety, the band’s sound is built on desert noir, bluesy guitar riffs, and laced together with understated traces of psychedelia. Helmed by Lindsey Mackin’s thunderous, howling voice and guitar, the Austin-based 3-piece group is completed by bassist Derek Vaughan Nunez Strahan and the drumming of Nick Cornetti. Annabelle Chairlegs has a unique sound - and it all starts with recordings made using the Portastudio 244 4-track recorder and the Model 12 Integrated Production Suite from TASCAM.

Lead vocalist and band founder Lindsey Mackin has been writing and recording her own music since landing in Austin close to 10 years ago. She performs and tours regularly and, after releasing two full length albums, an EP (extended play) version, and some singles, album number three is on the way. Further, she is just starting to record her fourth record. Mackin is a die-hard TASCAM enthusiast with a penchant for the warmth of analog and the dynamic versatility of digital. Her combination of the TASCAM Portastudio 244 and the Model 12 provide her a wealth of creative options. She discussed her TASCAM experience.

“I’ve been using the 244 for over 6 years and I got the Model 12 about 2 years ago, “Mackin reports. “I record most of the time when I am writing music, as it helps me ‘visualize’ the direction that I’m taking. Most everything I am working on, whether released or not, will end up on the TASCAM 244. It may also make its way on to the Model 12, depending upon what I want to add to the track or what kind of sound I’m looking for.”

When asked about those Portastudio 244 qualities that are most appealing to her, Mackin offered the following, “The 244 is my primary recording tool. I’ll be releasing a new album later this year titled Heavy Sleeper and, on that project, I worked with an engineer in a recording studio. We ended up using a mix of songs I recorded on the 244 and some that were captured at his studio - Dandy Sounds in Dripping Springs, TX! In my mind, I was going to re-record all the tracks, but ended up wanting to use the tracks from my 244 as the foundation of the record. Being an analog recorder, I think the 244 has such a dreamy and warm quality, and I really wanted to hold on to that. I couldn’t let it go.”

The Portastudio 244’s analog sound is important to Mackin, as she explained, “I love recording analog and I tend to get less distracted when using the Portastudio, as it lets me focus on the creative aspects as opposed to the technical. I also love the natural compression that the tape provides. It brings magic to mixing and makes it more like a performance, which I think is amazing and important. With the 244, the noise reduction is always on, which I love. I think that’s part of the 244’s charm. Everything sounds so good! I tend to stay on the 244 for as long as I possibly can!”

Mackin discussed how the TASCAM Model 12 augments her creative efforts on the Portastudio 244. “I love to capture a lot of tracks and I also love to layer harmonies and play the drums. I usually bounce and bounce and bounce tracks, but with analog, you do lose quality. I started using the Model 12 with its 24-bit/48kHz digital audio record capability to have more room for tracks or to get a good drum sound. I will send the 4 tracks from the 244 to the Model 12 and, in the process, free up more space for myself. And with the Model 12, I love that you can pull the memory card and have all the individual tracks in a folder, ready to go. When you want to share the stems or bring them to the studio to build on further, that’s a nice option!”

Reflecting on her experience using the TASCAM Portastudio 244 and the Model 12, Mackin offered these closing thoughts, “When it comes to music, my TASCAM 244 has become a staple in my everyday existence and my Model 12 expands upon my creative options even further. I don’t think I would be the same artist without TASCAM. If I ever had to run for the hills, my 244 would be the thing I grab as I head for the door.”