Blokas Midihub 1.15 Update

Blokas introduces the much-anticipated Midihub 1.15 update. New highly customizable MIDI mappings with internal modulation support, new Arpeggiator and Dispatcher algorithms, and a revamped Clock pipe with tap-tempo and nudge functions are only part of the new features they packed in. The Blokas Team wants to give a huge shoutout to their wonderful community for their feedback and ideas that have helped shape this update. Especially to @resonotter, who thoroughly tested every new feature and provided invaluable insights to propel this forward.

In this update, you can control pipe parameters using MIDI messages generated within the Midihub itself, eliminating the necessity for physical loopbacks. This opens up a realm of intriguing possibilities for internal modifiers and self-modulation techniques. Moreover, the update allows for more detailed and precise manual MIDI mapping, enhancing control and customization. The clock pipe has received significant enhancements. You can now place it either at the beginning of your pipe chain or in line with other pipes. The update also introduces a mappable Tap Tempo button. Additionally, there are Nudge Up and Nudge Down buttons for adjusting the tempo to sync with external sources more easily. The Dispatcher pipe got some nice new algorithms, allowing for some new creative uses. To name a few: Random, Ping Pong, and Chord. Arpeggiator has two new algorithms, too – Entirely Up then Down and Entirely Down then Up. LFOs can now output 14-bit values as well as use Sample & Hold waveform – either using internal noise for sampling or the incoming CC value (which, among other things, can come from another LFO placed before it).

To celebrate the launch of the 1.15 update, Blokas offers a flash sale with 14% off Midihub, valid until the end of this weekend – midnight February 11th (GMT+3). Don’t miss this chance to add the Midihub to your setup – visit the store and use the “ENORMOUSUPDATE” code during checkout.