Imaginando DLYM 2.1.0

Imaginando DLYM Screenshot

Imaginando, the esteemed Portuguese software developer behind the popular beat-making software BAM, is excited to announce the release of version 2.1.0 for its free delay modulator plugin, DLYM. This latest update brings VST 3 compatibility and reinforces future usability with support for iOS 14. DLYM is a dynamic plugin that produces rich flanger and chorus effects, utilizing Imaginando's advanced processing technology to emulate the warmth and depth of classic analog gear. Designed to cater to a wide range of audio manipulation needs, from subtle enhancements to transformative modulations, DLYM offers an impressive array of features and over 20 presets for immediate inspiration.

"Our free plugin, DLYM, embodies Imaginando's vision to extend the boundaries of accessible, high-quality music production tools," says Nuno Santos, CEO of Imaginando. "We're committed to providing producers with the tools they need to express their creativity without limitations." Tailored to enrich sounds with both subtle nuances and dramatic transformations, DLYM comes loaded with over 20 presets to ignite the creative process. Its user-centric interface, featuring large, easily-adjustable knobs, underscores Imaginando’s commitment to seamless, functional design, enhancing productivity and creative expression.

Key Features of DLYM 2.1.0 Include

  • Two Processing Modes: Choose from 'Analog emulation' for warm, vintage sounds, or 'Dimension style' for spatial, dimensional effects.
  • Six Modulation Waveforms: Including Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Sample & Hold, and Filtered Sample & Hold, all synchronizable with your project's tempo.
  • Adjustable Stereo Spread: Tailor the width of the effect to your taste.
  • Crossover Filter: Control the frequency range affected by the modulation.
  • Comprehensive Preset Management: Built-in manager for presets and patches, with import/export functionality.

Compatibility and Requirements

  • Mac: Requires macOS 11.00 or higher, a compatible 64-bit DAW (AU, VST2, VST3), and at least 128 MB of free disk space.
  • Windows: Requires Windows 10 or higher, a compatible 64-bit DAW (VST2, VST3), and at least 128 MB of free disk space.
  • iOS: Requires iOS 14 or higher, at least 65 MB of free space, and is compatible with AUv3 host apps (e.g., Garageband, Cubasis, BM3, AUM); a standalone version is also available.

DLYM 2.1.0 is available for free on Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.