Baby Audio BA-1

BabyAudio BA 1 small

The analog-modeled synth is back and better: The 1.5 update includes a new separate effect plugin that lets you run any track through BA-1's virtual circuits for that nostalgic, lo-fi leaning 80s character. If you like your synthwave raw and real, here's your cheat-code.

What's New in the BA-1 v1.5 Update:

  • All-new BA-1 FX Strip plugin
  • New built-in Arpeggiator
  • Flexible Chorus control
  • LFO Fade and Chaos controls
  • Improved preset navigation
  • New black UI theme

If you already own BA-1, the 1.5 update is free. You can get it by clicking the links below or via your original order email. If you don't own BA-1, good news: We've put it back on the original intro sale at just $49 (51% off). As always, subscribers save 10% extra with code BABYFAM. You can use the links below to get a free trial.