Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
Sound Particles SkyDust 26.09.2023
MeldaProduction announces the MGuitarArchitect 25.09.2023
DirectOut introduces Audio Solution Model (ASM) 21.09.2023
Martin Audio stellt kompakten Hochleistungs-Lautsprecher THS vor 21.09.2023
Lake People Monitor Controller MC100 19.09.2023
Sennheiser introduces the MZF 8000 II for the MKH 8000 RF 16.09.2023
Sennheiser AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio Live Renderer Plugin 15.09.2023
Opus Award 2024: Prolight + Sound launches Application Phase 15.09.2023
Rob Papen presents LowSane ‘lo-fi’ sound Sculpting-Specialising Plug-in 13.09.2023
Voltour Valve Enhancer: The Latest Plugin From Nembrini 12.09.2023
Accentize announces dxRevive 12.09.2023
APG releases Powerful v1.2.0 Upgrade for Free NESS Software 11.09.2023
Radio Active Designs showcases UV-1G Wireless Intercom at IBC 2023 09.09.2023
Flock Audio unveils PATCH APP DX’s newest addition “DX Bridge” 08.09.2023
Wisycom introduces RPU500-F Full-duplex Mobile Transceiver at IBC 2023 07.09.2023
Double celebration for RAVENNA and AES67 at IBC 2023 07.09.2023
Sonible erweitert das pure:bundle mit KI-gestütztem pure:EQ 06.09.2023
Sonible erweitert das pure:bundle mit KI-gestütztem pure:EQ 06.09.2023
HEDD Audio introduces the HEDDphone TWO 05.09.2023
PSPaudioware auralControl 05.09.2023
Tone2 releases Gladiator 4.0 04.09.2023
HH Electronics launches Tensor Solo 31.08.2023
OXI Instruments introduces Coral for Eurorack 30.08.2023
Ferncast stellt neuen und verbesserten fernReport auf der IBC 2023 vor 29.08.2023
United Plugins ships SounDevice Digital’s Plamen Multi-Band Saturator 29.08.2023
Orchestral Tools releases Berlin Harpsichords on SINE and Baroque Bundle 22.08.2023
RØDE announces the Wireless PRO 22.08.2023
Arturia FX Collection V4 22.08.2023
SSL UF1 DAW-Controller 18.08.2023
Audio-Technica honors Online Marketing with its President’s Award 17.08.2023
Sonnet kündigt PCI Express 4.0-Adapterkarte M.2 8x4 Silent Gen4 an 16.08.2023
cma audio bringt audiophile In-Ear-Preziosen von Acoustune nach Europa 10.08.2023
Genelec 8381A 04.08.2023
Midlands State University in Simbabwe setzt auf Lawo 03.08.2023
Polyverse Music introduces Filtron 01.08.2023
Waves Audio Now Shipping the Magma Springs Reverb Plugin 31.07.2023
AIR introduces the Sprite Multi-FX 31.07.2023
EastWest releases Hollywood Fantasy Percussion 28.07.2023
SSL Bus Compressor goes Multiband: Solid State Logic launches G3 MultiBusComp 27.07.2023
Focusrite RedNet R1 Desktop Remote Controller Chosen by Leading Audio Professionals 25.07.2023
Valves PRO: The Pinnacle of Premium Brass 21.07.2023
Audio-Technica U.S. promotes Kurt Van Scoy to Vice President & Officer 20.07.2023
Martin Audio MLA prevents Sound Escape at Crowded Japan Jam 2023 19.07.2023
sonible releases smart:gate: Content-Aware Gate Plug-in 18.07.2023
sonible erweitert mit smart:gate sein Portfolio an intelligenten Plug-ins 18.07.2023
Waves Now Shipping the Scheps Omni Channel 2 Plugin 17.07.2023
Audio-Technica BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone chosen by Dave Way 17.07.2023
Martin Audio US announces first two-day Optimisation Training Workshop 17.07.2023
RCF stellt TT+ AUDIO als neue unabhängige Marke vor 14.07.2023
Mixed In Key releases Captain Plugins Epic 7 13.07.2023