Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
Dawesome Myth 16.07.2024
Moog unveils the generative Sequencing Synthesizer Labyrinth 11.07.2024
Tone2 releases Retro Soundset for Tone2 Saurus 10.07.2024
GForce Software and Oberheim introduce the Oberheim OB-1 09.07.2024
Steinberg X-Stream Spektralsynthesizer: Jetzt kostenfrei erhältlich 04.07.2024
SONICWARE LIVEN releases the Soundscape Synthesizer Ambient Ø 04.07.2024
Modulare Synthesizer - Buchbesprechung 28.06.2024
Beetlecrab releases v2.0 Update for the Tempera Hardware Granular Synthesizer 25.06.2024
Sinevibes releases Flare Additive Synthesis Oscillator Plugin 24.06.2024
Yamaha aktualisiert MONTAGE M und das Expanded Softsynth Plugin 21.06.2024
Yamaha updates MONTAGE M and Expanded Softsynth Plugin ESP 21.06.2024
Rob Papen eXplorer 9 18.06.2024
Erica Synths introduces the EDU DIY LABOR 13.06.2024
Tone2 releases LoFi-Chill Soundset 07.06.2024
Erica Synths and Richie Hawtin introduce Bullfrog Drums 05.06.2024
Arturia releases MiniBrute V 21.05.2024
Gert Jalass von Moon Modular verstorben 18.05.2024
UDO Audio releases the Super 8 16.05.2024
Erica Synths announces New Sound Shaping Tools at SUPERBOOTH24 16.05.2024
ASM introduces the Hydrasynth Keyboard & Deluxe Silver Editions 16.05.2024
Superbooth presents the „SooperWeek“ 15.05.2024
Superbooth präsentiert die „SooperWeek“ 15.05.2024
Arturia stellt den polyphonen Analog-Synthesizer PolyBrute 12 vor 14.05.2024
Moog introduces Spectravox 14.05.2024
Arturia unveils PolyBrute 12 14.05.2024
Mayer EMI releases the Vibes Synthesizers 10.05.2024
Konzerte im September 2024: S.A.W. from Tangram: Tangerine Dream to Hydragate 06.05.2024
Tone2 releases Uplifting Trance Soundset for Icarus3 03.05.2024
Roland announces FANTOM EX Synthesizers 25.04.2024
Roland präsentiert die FANTOM EX Synthesizer Serie 25.04.2024
ARTURIA stellt MiniFreak Stellar limitierte Synthesizer Edition vor 25.04.2024
SUPERBOOTH BERLIN 2024 announces Performance and Workshop Programming 23.04.2024
SUPERBOOTH BERLIN 2024 kündigt Performance- und Workshop-Programm an 23.04.2024
Plugin Alliance releases Battalion by Unfiltered Audio 16.04.2024
Baby Audio Atoms 16.04.2024
Independent Music Tech Publisher Bjooks announces THE MINIMOOG BOOK 10.04.2024
Arturia introduces AstroLab 09.04.2024
ARTURIA veröffentlicht AstroLab 09.04.2024
Tone2 Audio releases Icarus3 05.04.2024
Imaginando and Perplex On unveil New 'Textural Memories' Preset Pack 14.03.2024
G-Force OB-X 27.02.2024
GForce introduces the Oberheim OB-EZ 22.02.2024
Soundmit and IFC 2024: Two unique events for the World of Digital Audio 22.02.2024
NEUTRIK launches TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION Data Connectors 07.02.2024
Baby Audio releases the Atoms Plugin 07.02.2024
Genelec 9401a System Management Device 02.02.2024
ULTRA Events invests in the Future with d&b audiotechnik A-Series 29.01.2024
Focusrite Group CEO Tim Carroll named President of MIDI Association 29.01.2024
Eventide introduces the H90 Control Bluetooth App for iPad 27.01.2024
Arturia introduces Pigments 5 23.01.2024