Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
XILS-lab releases the musical multi-effect plug-in Ring’X 28.09.2023
Techrep Marketing and EAW announce Partnership 28.09.2023
Roland announces the GAIA 2 Synthesizer 28.09.2023
Apogee launches Duet 3 Limited Edition Set: Elevate Your Sound 26.09.2023
Sound Particles SkyDust 26.09.2023
Audified announces availability of 1A Equalizer plug-in 25.09.2023
MeldaProduction announces the MGuitarArchitect 25.09.2023
Martin Audio WPL used for José María Napoleón at GNP Acapulco Arena 25.09.2023
DirectOut introduces Audio Solution Model (ASM) 21.09.2023
Ferncast will host a post-IBC Webinar 21.09.2023
Slate Digital announces New 'Infinity Bass' Bass Enhancer Plugin 19.09.2023
Lake People Monitor Controller MC100 19.09.2023
CHRISTIAN HENDRICH neuer Vertriebspartner für DSPECIALISTS HARVEY 18.09.2023
Sennheiser AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio Live Renderer Plugin 15.09.2023
Sennheiser AMBEO 2-Kanal Spatial Audio Live Renderer Plugin 15.09.2023
Opus Award 2024: Prolight + Sound launches Application Phase 15.09.2023
Tracktion introduces Theia Plugin 14.09.2023
Tracktion stellt Synthesizer-Plug-in Theia vor 13.09.2023
Rob Papen presents LowSane ‘lo-fi’ sound Sculpting-Specialising Plug-in 13.09.2023
Strymon BigSky Plugin Now available with Audient Products 12.09.2023
Voltour Valve Enhancer: The Latest Plugin From Nembrini 12.09.2023
Accentize announces dxRevive 12.09.2023
APG releases Powerful v1.2.0 Upgrade for Free NESS Software 11.09.2023
LOGIC media solutions ab sofort Distributor von MakePro X 11.09.2023
Radio Active Designs showcases UV-1G Wireless Intercom at IBC 2023 09.09.2023
Wisycom introduces RPU500-F Full-duplex Mobile Transceiver at IBC 2023 07.09.2023
Double celebration for RAVENNA and AES67 at IBC 2023 07.09.2023
NUGEN Audio to Showcase AB Assist Plug-in at IBC 2023 06.09.2023
Sonible erweitert das pure:bundle mit KI-gestütztem pure:EQ 06.09.2023
sonible expands pure:bundle with AI-powered pure:EQ 06.09.2023
Mixland releases New Plugin: SUBLOOM 06.09.2023
d&b und Lawo liefern beim Ravenna Festival 2023 klangliche Qualität und Innovation 05.09.2023
HEDD Audio introduces the HEDDphone TWO 05.09.2023
PSPaudioware auralControl 05.09.2023
PSPaudioware auralControl 05.09.2023
Fiedler Audio releases 3D Reverb Spacelab Update 04.09.2023
Tone2 releases Gladiator 4.0 04.09.2023
Tracktion introduces Attracktive: A New Audio FX Plugin 04.09.2023
Neu bei Tracktion: Das Player-Plug-In Attracktive 04.09.2023
PSI Audio introduces the active Bass Traps AVAA C214 & C20 30.08.2023
United Plugins ships SounDevice Digital’s Plamen Multi-Band Saturator 29.08.2023
Lake People G108 Kopfhörerverstärker 29.08.2023
Date for SUPERBOOTH 2024 + SB23 announced 28.08.2023
Out now: Baby Audio Transit 24.08.2023
Focusrite Equipment used at Sonic Forest Studios for Immersive Audio 22.08.2023
Arturia releases Acid V: Corrosive Bassline Machine 22.08.2023
Arturia releases Acid V: Corrosive Bassline Machine 22.08.2023
RØDE announces the Wireless PRO 22.08.2023
Arturia FX Collection V4 22.08.2023
IBC 2023: ARET Ü-Wagen mit Lawo VSM und mc²56 auf 0.A07 17.08.2023