Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
Baby Audio introduces Atoms Expansion Packs 18.07.2024
United Plugins puts out Firesonic’s FireSpacer for creating Space in a Mix 18.07.2024
Tone2 releases Retro Soundset for Tone2 Saurus 10.07.2024
Slate Digital releases New Ducking Plugin SUBMERGE 09.07.2024
THX launches Upgraded THX Spatial Creator 03.07.2024
Accentize unveils dxRevive Pro Version 1.2.0 03.07.2024
Waves releases improved Version of StudioVerse 26.06.2024
Baby Audio releases the Vocal Transformation Tool Humanoid 26.06.2024
Waves introduces V15, the New Version of Waves Plugins 24.06.2024
Sinevibes releases Flare Additive Synthesis Oscillator Plugin 24.06.2024
Mixed In Key releases Captain Chords Lite and Human Lite for Pro Tools 24.06.2024
Soundtheory releases Kraftur 22.06.2024
Sound Radix announce Major Update to Auto-Align Plugins 20.06.2024
AIR Music Tech announces Soft Clipper 18.06.2024
JUCE 8 includes lightning-fast Direct2D Rendering on Windows 13.06.2024
Audified announces MixChecker ULTRA as Ultimate Evolution of Mix Reference Tool 12.06.2024
Musik Hack releases Master Plan 1.5 10.06.2024
Fiedler Audio release Mastering Console 10.06.2024
Fiedler Audio veröffentlicht Mastering Console für Dolby Atmos 10.06.2024
Rob Papen announces the Multiple Effect Plug-in UniMagic 06.06.2024
Brainworx releases Mid/Side Mastering Limiter bx_XL V3 04.06.2024
Playfair Audio unveils Dynamic Grading v1.3 04.06.2024
Nembrini Audio announces Divided 11 as Class A Boutique Amplifier Plug-in 03.06.2024
Harrison Audio launch the 32Classic Channel Strip Plug-in 29.05.2024
Major Upgrade to Nomad Factory's 80s Spaces Reverb Plugin Version 2.4.0 released 28.05.2024
From Stereo to Dolby Atmos: Fiedler Audio release the Compressor gravitas MDS 24.05.2024
APL VIRTUOSO Binauralisierer 21.05.2024
APL VIRTUOSO Binauralisierer 21.05.2024
Unleash Sonic Possibilities with 6 New free Clearmountain's Domain Presets 16.05.2024
GForce Software Ltd. introduces the impOSCar3 14.05.2024
Apple Silicon & VST3 Update for AIR Music Tech Classic Plugins 07.05.2024
United Plugins introduces Instant Audio’s BassRift 07.05.2024
ADC Mentorship Program 2024 Applications Open 03.05.2024
SSL introduces the X-DynEQ, it’s most Advanced EQ Plug-in 01.05.2024
ChopTones introduces inaugural Guitar Amp Plug-in as Vocs MV BM 01.05.2024
Arturia unveils Augmented YANGTZE 30.04.2024
Dear Reality dearVR PRO 2 29.04.2024
Nomad Factory announce Magnetic Bundle 3 23.04.2024
Denise Audio introduces the Motion Filter Plugin 17.04.2024
Plugin Alliance releases Battalion by Unfiltered Audio 16.04.2024
United Plugins & SounDevice Digital introduce the Randomachine 15.04.2024
XILS-lab introduces the Les Diffuseurs Bundle 09.04.2024
Imaginando enhances K7D Tape Delay Plugin 09.04.2024
Nembrini launches Bass Hammer Plugin 08.04.2024
Penteo Version 6 Audio Reversioning Software released 03.04.2024
sonible erweitert mit dem neuen Plug-in pure:unmask das pure:bundle 03.04.2024
sonible adds new pure:unmask to its pure:bundle collection 03.04.2024
Fuse Audio Labs introduces the VCE-118 Dynamic Range Enhancer Plugin 29.03.2024
Sinevibes releases Integer Digital-analog Buffer Device Effect Plugin 28.03.2024
More flavour for your FX: Solid State Logic launch Module8 Plug-in 26.03.2024