InMusic AIR Jura

AIR MusicTechnology Jura GUI small

AIR Music Technology today announce Jura, a meticulous recreation of a revered synth, first released in 1982. However, Jura takes a new approach and offers both a faithful emulation and a modern take on the synth. Available in plugin, standalone, and also for use in selected Akai MPC hardware, this is the synth of 82 reimagined for use in future hits.

AIR Jura – At A Glance

  • Switchable between Classic / Expanded controls
  • Oscillator section with pulse, saw, sub and noise waveforms
  • Create classic pulse width modulation sounds using manual control, LFO or one of two envelope modulation sources
  • Filter section including VCF section with cutoff, resonance, saturation and drive
  • Filter modulation via invertible envelope, LFO, keyboard and velocity tracking
  • High Pass Filter (HPF) filter control
  • VCA section with gate / envelope modes, plus velocity tracking
  • Two ADSR envelopes
  • BPM syncable LFO including eight shapes including two random generators as well as Speed, delay and ramp controls, re-sync and manually triggerable via LFO trigger button
  • Classic Juno Chorus section - three modes with mix control
  • Comprehensive Delay, Reverb and 3-band EQ section
  • Analog character knob
  • Detune-able unison and editable chord modes
  • Modulation wheel and pitch-bend controls
  • Glide controls
  • Arpeggiator

AIR Jura – Highlights

  • Two workflows; the original front panel design, plus an extended, modern UI that gives the user even more ways to tweak the sound.
  • Extras under the hood include a VCF with saturation and drive, two DCO noise types; modern and vintage. There’s a second envelope, not found on the original, to help further craft the perfect sound. In addition to the chorus’ which includes a mix control, there’s a powerful delay, reverb, and EQ circuit.
  • As well as the authentic 6 voice mode, there’s increased polyphony, as well as Unison and Chord modes.
  • Those with qualified Akai MPC/Force standalone versions, get complete touch control of every parameter.


  • MacOS: AU, VST, VST3, AAX
  • Windows: VST, VST3, AAX
  • Akai MOC/Force standalone

AIR Jura is available now priced $74.99 until 13th June 2023. The normal price will be $149.99. A free 14 day demo can be downloaded from the website below.