Flock Audio “DX Bridge”

FlockAudio DX Bridge

Flock Audio, innovative manufacturers of the PATCH series of digitally controlled, all-analog patchbays, has announced another game changing upgrade to their intuitive hardware management software – PATCH APP DX Bridge. DX Bridge enables PATCH APP DX to be run as a plugin with every available DAW, allowing for seamless recall and storage of any PATCH presets in a session. DX Bridge is available as a free update for all PATCH APP DX subscribers and perpetual license holders and is compatible with all major DAW plugin formats including .AAX, .VST, and .AU.

PATCH APP DX’s - DX Bridge is easy to integrate into any recording session. Once installed, DX Bridge can be inserted as a plugin into any track in a DAW project and will provide instant access to all stored PATCH routings. These routings will also be instantly recalled any time the session is loaded up, making for a seamless recording experience, every time. Alongside PATCH APP DX’s enhanced feature set which includes intuitive and efficient color customization options, lightning fast analog routing recalls, Total Hardware Management for storing & viewing recall notes of analog hardware settings and tracking setups, and Apple iOS & iOS iPad support, DX Bridge is an invaluable tool for the recording studio that makes recalls more efficient than ever before within the PATCH Series eco-system.

“At Flock Audio we are constantly working towards new ways of making hardware management more intuitive, and as such we’re incredibly pleased to announce PATCH APP DX’s latest addition DX Bridge,” said Flock Audio Founder and CEO Darren Nakonechny. “DX Bridge is a simple and straightforward tool for your DAW that allows for easy management of all PATCH presets in a session, making it the perfect addition to the PATCH series ecosystem and a valuable tool for streamlining and enhancing your analog workflow within your recording, mixing, and mastering sessions.”

PATCH APP DX Features:

  • Color Customization Options across the entire application
  • 6 Quick Strip Recall Options
  • iOS & iOS iPad Compatibility/Support
  • Total Hardware Management (For Analog Hardware Recall Notes + Tracking Setups)
  • DX Bridge Plugin – Compatibility for Inside DAW Session Recalls
  • + More