Mixed In Key Captain Chords Lite & Human Lite

MixedInKey Captain Human

Mixed In Key, a company with expertise in software and plugin development for DJs and music producers, has unveiled Captain Lite and Human Lite, lite versions of its highly praised Captain Plugins Epic and Human Plugins. These versions are designed to integrate seamlessly with the Pro Tools 2024.3 software update, which supports MIDI FX, providing Pro Tools users with powerful new tools for music composition and humanization.

Captain Lite offers a hands-on introduction to Captain Plugins Epic, specifically focusing on Captain Chords. It allows producers and songwriters to quickly create chord progressions and sketch out song ideas. Featuring intuitive magic buttons that represent chords in the chosen scale and default chord progressions, Captain Lite simplifies the music creation process, providing a great starting point for any song.

Human Lite introduces producers to the innovative humanization technology of Human Plugins. It provides straightforward tools to add "humanization" effects to tracks, making music sound as if played by live performers. Users can experiment with various levels of humanization to bring a more authentic and organic feel to their productions.

“We are excited to partner with Mixed In Key to include these innovative plugins with Pro Tools,” says Rob D’Amico, Sr. Director of Product Management at Avid. “From quickly exploring chord progressions to giving your tracks a live feel, these plugins offer customers new ways to get inspired and create music.”

Captain Lite and Human Lite are exclusive to the Pro Tools 2024.3 software update, leveraging the new MIDI FX support to offer an enriched user experience. Both plugins aim to streamline the music production process and inspire creativity by providing intuitive and powerful tools for composition and humanization.