ADDAC System announces a new, inexpensive and indispensable utility for Eurorack systems: the ADDAC200CT Cable Tester. The ADDAC200CT is a new desktop utility that provides a reliable means to test the integrity of both mono jacks and ribbon cables, ensuring that every connection is secure and electrically sound. With the ADDAC200CT, users are able to test each wire within the ribbon cables independently to make sure they are functioning properly. The desktop unit - which comes with a long power cable so it can be plugged into the user's rack - features dedicated LED indicators for each wire. This provides a clear visual indication of the status of each connection, and wires are also tested against neighboring wires to detect shorts.

Users should follow all protocols indicated in the accompanying manual for their own safety and protection of their equipment. For instance, the tester should only be powered up when a cable needs to be tested - the unit is not designed to be left on, as this can lead to unintended consequences: such as shortening a Eurorack PSU. Also, modules should never be powered from the test sockets of the ADDAC200CT.

The busboard monitor LED indicators allow the user to check the state of the busboard power lines as well as the special CV/Gate functions. If the busboard has no +5v supply, the LED will be off likewise for the CV/Gate functions if not in use. The ADDAC200CT is compatible with all ADDAC System ribbon cables (power, expansions and interconnectivity: 112, 213, 807), and also compatible with any standard Eurorack power ribbon cable (2x5 to 2x8 or 2x8 to 2x8). The ADDAC200CT is available now and priced at €50.