Akai Pro Flex Beat Update

Akai FlexBeat GUI

Akai Pro, a division of inMusic, unveils an update to Flex Beat, a long awaited plugin release for MPC Standalone. Flex Beat is the acclaimed plugin for beat manipulation and sound design. Designed with the versatility and functionality that are hallmarks of Akai Pro, Flex Beat aims to provide a fast, inspirational, and practical solution for enhancing beat-based music production.

Features At A Glance:

  • 16 performance pads for pattern presets
  • Pad play modes for Loop, One Shot and Hold behaviour
  • Pads are MIDI controllable using MIDI sidechain input (Desktop version only)
  • Preset banks for instant inspiration
  • Ability to launch quantized patterns, so your music never skips a beat
  • Large library of pad presets with a preview function
  • Detailed pattern editor with snap, adjustable curve types and envelope tools (Desktop version only)
  • Export or import pattern presets in .fnv format compatible with Gross Beat (Desktop version only)
  • Dry / Wet mix

Designed for utmost versatility, Flex Beat features 16 performance pads equipped with a diverse array of pattern presets. Whether users seek Loop, One Shot, or Hold behaviour, Flex Beat’s pad play modes are designed to meet every need. Furthermore, these pads are MIDI-controllable, granting full control in both studio and live environments.

Creative blocks are no match for Flex Beat’s extensive range of preset banks, which serve as an immediate source of inspiration. This is complemented by a launch quantization feature to ensure music remains consistently on beat. This plugin offers an expansive library of presets that inject instant character into tracks. From DJ scratches to trance gates, an array of sonic options awaits exploration. Flex Beat also supports .fnv preset imports and exports, compatible with Gross Beat, broadening the sonic palette even further.

The intricate pattern editor in Flex Beat provides a level of control commonly reserved for high-end DAWs. Features like snap-to-grid, adjustable curve types, and envelope tools enable precise sound shaping. Optimised for vivid touchscreen displays, the plugin’s interface incorporates Q-LINK mapping to put essential controls within easy reach. This user-friendly interface speeds up the editing process through immediate feedback and touch controls. Flex Beat includes three unique pad playback modes - One Shot, Loop, and Hold - that facilitate experimentation with rhythmic patterns. Simply select a mode and explore new rhythmic landscapes. Though crafted with beatmakers in mind, Flex Beat finds its utility extended to sound design and FX creation, making it a valuable asset for professionals in film, TV, and gaming industries. Even seemingly inconsequential audio files can transform into a multitude of new sonic possibilities with Flex Beat.

Flex Beat is available now in VST, AU, and VST3 formats. It offers full support for MPC standalone and desktop systems running version 2.12.2 or later. A 10-day trial of the AKAI Flex Beat desktop plugin is available for download. Flex Beat is $79.99, and has an introductory promo price of $39.99 until 30th of November 2023. A 10 day demo can be downloaded from the website below.