MIXLAND presents STEAMDRIVER, a pulverizing steampunk channel strip plugin that sounds as demented as it looks. This bold new audio plugin features three incredibly unique-sounding (and easy-to-use) modules: compression, distortion, and a EQ, each modeled after some of the most brutal secret weapon pieces of gear we could find (that hadn’t been modeled yet). In typical Mixland fashion, we rebelled against traditional GUI’s that capture the look and aesthetic of hardware equipment, and instead went for something more fun: a steampunk torture factory from right out of a nightmare, featuring a hydraulic machine press that represents the compressor’s behavior and gain reduction, an electric shock chamber that represents saturation, high and low shelving filters (modelled after a deeply-colorful Class A hardware EQ), a gramophone that boasts a brilliantly useful Shape knob (for overall front-to-back placement and warmth), and many other switches and valves to turn and tweak the sound.

The VCA compression module features one threshold knob and two switches for a variety of modes and speeds, as well as a mix knob. The more the compressor is pushed, the harder the graphic machine press will smash down. The saturation module features one main Amount knob and two switches for a variety of saturation settings and modes (including even/odd order harmonic modes, and switchability between transfer function and sinusoidal function distortion effects). The sonic results of this tool range from subtle warmth to complete obliteration. Whether used sparingly or heavy-handed, the depth and detail of the sound source are significantly improved and met with a pleasing analog presence.

STEAMDRIVER will be available at an introductory price of $14.99 at the website below starting on October 3rd 2022, and the sale will run through the entire month of October (afterward it will go up to $29.99). It is available in aax, vst, and au formats, and is compatible with macOS X 10.7 & higher (M1 & Monterey are fully supported), Windows 7 & higher (Pro Tools 11 and above).


  • Pulverizing Channel Strip featuring Compression, Distortion, EQ,  and an overall Shape knob
  • Modeled after a very unique and brutal analog hardware chain
  • Exceptionally punchy VCA Compressor module
  • Saturation module produces sounds ranging from subtle warmth to downright obliteration
    - Switchable even/odd order harmonic modes
    - Switchable between transfer function and sinusoidal function
  • Deeply colorful Class A EQ
    - Low and High shelving filters
    - Additional midrange Shape knob that helps with front-to-back placement
  • Other features include Mix knobs for each chamber, A/B, undo, I/O trim, resizable GUI
  • Super rad steampunk GUI because traditional gear is lame and is for nerds
  • Available in aax, vst, and au formats.

Compatible with macOS X 10.7 & higher (M1 and Monterey supported), Windows 7 & higher (Pro Tools 11 and above).