Mercuriall Audio Dual Rectofire

MercurialAudio ampbox 530 face noCab

Mercuriall Audio, a pioneer of applying neural networks in amp modeling, releases an add-on for Ampbox: Rectofire. A VST/AU/AAX/Standalone plugin based on the MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier Blackface, rev G from the 90s. Complete with a popular 1 meg gain pot mod, optional for each channel.

Rectofire highlights:

  • Accurate and detailed white-box modeling Mercuriall Audio is known for.
  • Introduction of Neural Hybrid Engine 2.0 in Rectofire. Further improvements of themodeling engine.
  • Introduction of Power Link technology in Rectofire. Affects the power supply linkagebetween preamp and poweramp. Improves palm mutes and note attack definition.
  • Each channel has an optional 1 meg gain pot mod. More tightness, gain and bite.
  • 46 presets from our artists and friends to cover even the most bizarre tones.

Along with the Rectofire release, Ampbox platform is updated to version 1.1: New exclusive IRs from Max Morton (Jinjer, Shokran, Morton)

This is a free platform update for all users of Ampbox. Rectofire amp is a separate paid module.

Rectofire pricing:

  • 89.99 USD for new customers
  • 69.99 USD for returning customers

For three days after Rectofire release: 69.99 USD fixed price for everyone Rectofire availability.