GameSoundCon Custom Unreal Engine 5 Training

GameSoundCon, a professional conference for video game music and sound design, announces that it will host a suite of Unreal Engine 5 training that has been tailored specifically for the audio community.

As GameSoundCon 2022 sponsors, Epic will provide two full days of custom training on Unreal Engine 5, including the brand new MetaSounds, a high-performance audio system that gives audio designers complete control over their audio rendering. Among the assortment of engaging educational talks on the full Unreal Engine audio feature set, GameSoundCon attendees will have an extraordinary opportunity to learn how to use MetaSounds to add complexity and variation to their audio or even generate procedural systems with sample-accurate timing and control at the buffer level. The Unreal Engine sessions are accessible both for those attending GameSoundCon in person and online.

Epic’s Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D tool, powering cutting-edge games and is adopted across industries such as film and television, and beyond.

“I am beyond thrilled to have Epic Games on board as sponsors this year,” says Brian Schmidt, GameSoundCon Founder and Executive Director. “The Unreal Engine sessions will include tutorials, how-to’s and some case studies, and attendees will walk away with the professional knowledge to create audio for games in Unreal Engine 5 with the new MetaSounds.”

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to connect with the audio community and bring  highly specialized Unreal Engine training to GameSoundCon 2022,” said Aaron McLeran, Director, Unreal Engine Audio, Epic Games. “Whether you’re new to Unreal Engine audio, or looking to enhance your skill set, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback as we work together to push the boundaries of game audio with Unreal Engine 5.”

GameSoundCon’s registration is open now at the website below. Early Bird in person tickets are $449.00 until Sept. 25, 2022. An online only ticket is $125.