Sound Particles Explorer

SoundParticles explorer main screenshot small

The software allows you to manage your audio files – including immersive – for free LEIRIA, PORTUGAL - Sound Particles, the software company that has been changing the paradigm of 3D audio software, is releasing a new standalone app – Explorer – a sound library management tool that supports surround and immersive formats, and organizes all sounds with a fast, modern and immersive approach. From sound designers to assistant editors, this tool helps all professionals spend less time searching for sounds and more time creating.

Nuno Fonseca, founder and CEO of Sound Particles says: “Although there are several sound library management tools, all of them are focused on mono and stereo files. We wanted to create a modern tool, capable of handling any format without limitations. If I open an Ambisonics recording on my 5.1 studio, I should be able to listen to that immediately decoded to 5.1.”

Easy Workflow:

  • Import & Organize – Import files or folders directly to Explorer and categorize them according to the Universal Category System while looking at waveforms, channels, sample rate, descriptions, categories, formats, rating, and much more.
  • Listen – Listen to your files automatically decoded to your speaker layout with features such as the incredible I/O Manager, Bass management, Ambisonics decoding, Binaural Monitoring, and more.
  • Search – Use several organization options to find the perfect file in seconds. Create search tags and sort by category, playlists, folder paths, flagged audios, star ratings, sounds that you’ve most used in the past, brightness, metadata, personalized notes or even audio file properties.
  • Edit – Quickly add effects to the selected sound before exporting, or simply convert a file
    between formats by clicking the Convert button.
  • Export or Spot – Export the edited or original file with more options for the exported file or spot the selected audio directly to Sound Particles, Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic or Nuendo.

Explorer is available starting May 31st on our website for free, and you can try it at the Sound Particles stand during The NAMM Show from June 3rd to the 5th.