LiquidSonics Heaven 5th 1.4 Release

LiquidSonics Heaven 3D

The company behind the acclaimed Cinematic Rooms, Seventh Heaven and Lustrous Plates reverb plug-ins announce Seventh Heaven 1.4 to coincide with Seventh Heaven’s 5th anniversary. The new 1.4 release features surround support for up to 7.1.6*, ducker* and Apple Silicon support. Also, LiquidSonics is offering the chance to win one copy of Seventh Heaven Professional every day, for seven days, starting April 20th 2022 in the Seven Days Of Seventh Heaven promotion. *Pro version only.

Regarded as the most authentic reproduction of the legendary Bricasti M7 hardware reverb available, Seventh Heaven is used on everything from Grammy winning albums, Oscar winning movies, and numerous Emmy award winning TV shows. Seventh Heaven is on the rigs of some of the biggest names in music and film including Steve Genewick, Craig Bauer, Darrell Thorp, Alan Meyerson, Alvin Wee and many more.

Now Seventh Heaven 1.4 adds some new features to help those mixing in immersive formats and to bring even greater functionality to this already loved reverb plug-in.

Speaking on the 5th anniversary of this beloved plug-in, LiquidSonics founder Matt Hill said; “My aim with Seventh Heaven was to make as faithful a recreation of my favourite hardware reverb as I possibly could. Knowing it’s become so loved in all aspects of the professional audio industry fills me with equal measures of joy and pride. I cannot thank Bricasti enough for having the confidence in me to take on such a formidable task and for generously allowing me to bring it to market. Version 1.4 is offered as a small gesture of my appreciation to the amazing user community to say thank you for the support over the years by adding two of the most requested features at no additional cost. I hope everybody enjoys the update and to those that don’t already own it I wish you luck in the competition.”

Reverb ducking was recently introduced to Illusion in the v1.2 update, it was very well received and we received many requests to add ducking to Seventh Heaven. Ducking is a very powerful tool that helps you improve clarity of a reverb by tucking the wet away until a musical phrase has ended, the reverb simply floods in to fill the space rather than competing with the instrument itself.

This is a simple trick that can be done with any compressor featuring a side-chain with some simple DAW routing, but the real magic comes when only ducking the reverb tail and leaving the reflections to produce a wonderful sense of spatialisation. It is inconvenient and inefficient to set that up in a DAW using multiple instances, so the natural place for the facility is within the reverb plug-in itself. Now users of the professional edition can quickly and easily access this feature in Seventh Heaven.

For score and post mixing professionals hankering for their favourite reverb presets like Mechanics Hall or Sunset Chamber in surround we’re delighted to announce that Seventh Heaven Professional v1.4 supports channel counts up to 7.1.6! Now you can enjoy the wonderful reproductions of the legendary Bricasti M7 in surround without complex DAW /mixer routings and managing multiple plug-in instances.

We dropped off an early build of the surround update with score mixing legend Alan Meyerson (Dune, The Book Of Boba Fett, House of Gucci) in early 2022 and it’s already made its way on to some high-profile works releasing soon, he said: “Seventh Heaven in surround is everything I’d hoped for. It’s been on every mix since I got it!”

To win a copy, anyone can enter for free at the website below until Tuesday 26th April 2022. A new winner will be announced each day from April 20th - 26th inclusive.

The surround update is available now from the downloads page, and is offered as a free upgrade for all Seventh Heaven Professional users. Simply download the updater, install, and you’re done. The update requires no additional drive space or updates to the Fusion-IR library as the innovative surround DSP techniques work with the existing captures.

The standard edition will remain a stereo plug-in as it does not have some of the internal DSP features or captures needed by the decorrelation engine. The ducking facility will also remain a benefit of the professional edition. Both editions have been updated with native Apple Silicon support.

Seventh Heaven supports all major 64-bit DAWs on Windows and macOS:

  • iLok 2/3, iLok machine activation or iLok Cloud
  • Windows 7 and above
  • OS X / macOS 10.9 and above
  • VST 2.4, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX Native plug-in formats
  • 10 GB hard disk space is recommended (3 GB minimum)

When using Seventh Heaven Professional in surround CPU and memory requirements are quite high and naturally scale with channel count. We would recommend high specification modern i7/i9/Xeon, Ryzen/Threadripper or M1 Pro/Max/Ultra CPU with at least 8 physical cores, and 32GB or more of system memory. More modest i3/i5 machines with 8GB of memory are all you will need in stereo.