Orchestral Tools Soundpack Opaline

OrchestralTools Opaline

Sample library developers Orchestral Tools have announced the release of Opaline, the newest addition to their ever-expanding series of Creative Soundpacks. Opaline is aimed at producers and composers looking to capture the flavor of the lo-fi beat making movement with three perfectly attuned elements – warm electric rhythm guitar, soft legato trumpet, and evocative falsetto vocals – combined to create a palette of calm but playful sounds perfect for adding a jazzy, introspective flavor to any musical production. Opaline is available now for an introductory price until April 20 from the Orchestral Tools website. For more information or to purchase, please click here.

Opaline’s three single instruments and organic percussion elements were carefully selected to complement each other for the chill, but playful ambiance of a casual jam session. The rhythm guitar captures the warm yet articulate chording of the neck pickup of a solid body electric guitar in a variety of mic positions. The trumpet was captured at its softest, providing airy legato tones perfect for leads but with enough experimental articulations available to keep things inspiring. Finally the selection of vocal sounds are available in both a low register and in falsetto to add the perfect amount of texture to any arrangement. All sounds were captured with the same quality and attention to detail as Orchestral Tools’ flagship orchestras, allowing for total control and a flexible range of options.

Evoking the spirit of the jam session, the soundpack features a unique performance system designed to enhance a composer’s creativity. The lower two octaves of the rhythm guitar provide the basis of the chords, while the upper two octaves offer interactive, completely playable motions. Played together, the chords provide a basis and the motions provide details and flourishes. This original playing system encourages improvisation and happy accidents, whilst still providing the detail for pinpoint MIDI programming once the ideas start to form. This system is also designed to create dynamic patterns that replicate the collage techniques utilized by sampler artists when creating beats. The warm, cozy guitar sound combines with the trumpet, vocal, and percussion sounds to create an irresistible palette for beat making, contemporary songwriting, or introspective ambiance.

“We design our Creative Soundpacks to evoke very specific moods or scenes with intriguing combinations of sonic flavors. Sometimes these moods can be very abstract!” said Frederik Theyssen, the creative force behind the Creative Soundpacks range. “With Opaline, our goal was to evoke a relaxed indie jazz band in late summer. Opaline is perfect for lo-fi hip hop, contemporary singer songwriting, or as the backdrop to bohemian drama.”

The Opaline Creative Soundpack is available for a sepcial intro offer. The introductory pricing ends on April 20, 2022. (Unlike most other Orchestral Tools collections, single instrument purchases from Creative Soundpacks are not possible.)