Mojave ATK Player

MojaveAudio AudioTestKitchen APK Player

Boutique microphone manufacturers Mojave Audio have announced, in partnership with Audio Test Kitchen [ATK], the launch of a Mojave-specific ATK Player. The Player gives customers the ability to virtually test out each microphone in the Mojave line as well as compare them to each other on the same sound clips. The collaboration is the result of an ongoing relationship between the two brands that dates back to Audio Test Kitchen’s early R&D phases, and Mojave has been one of the first to integrate ATK’s Player into its website.

The partnership grew out of Mojave’s participation with Audio Test Kitchen, an ambitious website loaded with a 13,000-audio-file database designed to be the ultimate ‘virtual showroom’ for microphones. ATK Founder Alex Oana started the project in 2018 as a way for audio professionals to more objectively compare the sound of microphones, with various sound tests designed to clearly illustrate the similarities and differences between them. ATK currently boasts more than 300 microphones from 54 manufacturers. Mojave Audio was one of the first brands ATK reached out to for input on how to best reveal the characteristics of LDC microphones in comparison recordings.“They were one of the first calls we made when we began testing the idea out-loud with manufacturers - as music and audio guys I knew they would understand what we were trying to accomplish,” said Oana. “They’ve always been fearless when it comes to entering their microphones in ‘shoot-outs’, and more importantly they were as interested as we were to see what could be learned.”

“Ultimately ATK is designed to empower and educate the listener by putting unbiased, standardized instrument and vocal recordings at their fingertips for them to compare on whatever microphones they’re curious about. It’s hard to orient yourself to even the finest example recordings in a vacuum. It’s really through comparison – under identical conditions – that we learn. With Mojave, for example, by being able to compare all their products side-by-side I learned that there’s a ‘Mojave character’ – which is world-class – present across their entire lineup.”