VB-Audio updates Voicemeeter product range

Voicemeeter Update Nov2021

Voicemeeter Standard, Voicemeeter Banana and Potato, the virtual audio mixers for Windows, are now available in version 1 0 8 1 / 2 0 6 1 and 3 0 2 1 to offer new improvements and new features, especially the Monitoring function in Potato (Monitor on SEL) and the VM-Streamer-View application: an example of Custom Graphic User Interface using Voicemeeter Remote API to control Voicemeeter according a specific workflow. VM-Streamer-View is also available as open source code project for any developers willing to create their own custom GUI.

These new versions also come to fix latest reported issues and bring a better reliability and better general latency (with a better support of WASAPI share mode and USB device disconnection). VBAN is also concerned by this general improvement and all VBAN application for mobile devices will be also updated in December to take advantage of all our technology developments.

Macro-Buttons application (installed with Voicemeeter) also offers new basic functions to manage a button configuration in easier way: Copy / Paste / Load / Save, and it provides a new HID management expected to work with any HID device (including extra Keyboard and Mouse). This universal HID management could replace the regular Keyboard management for some very special keys or for a better international keyboard supportl. Voicemeeter MIDI Mapping provides new control: PAN and BUS Assignations.

Vincent Burel said: "We worked a lot on maintenance and client service this year 2021. We opened a Discord server to support all VB-Audio users and I would like to thanks all moderators and helpers making this successful! We thought we could propose a first version of Voicemeeter for MAC by the end of this year, but our different validation processes for this project took more time than expected. We now hope a first macOS version in the year 2022."

Voicemeeter Standard and Voicemeeter Banana are distributed as simple Donationware, Voicemeeter Potato is distributed as donationware with an activation code.