Arturia Upgrades KeyLab MkII range With Velocity Update

Releasing KeyLab MkII Firmware V1.3

Make every note count, every melody flawless, and every track sound just like you - whatever your style. The definitive MIDI controller keyboard, KeyLab MkII is a luxurious, expressive tool for your studio or live rig. Unsurpassed connectivity, effortless integration, customizable interface, and inspiring included software; there simply is no other MIDI controller quite like KeyLab MkII.

What’s new?

  • Create custom velocity curves: You can now customize 5 configurable velocity points for a performance that truly reflects every key impact or delicate stroke, exactly as you intended.
  • Global velocity curve: Alongside Linear, Logarithmic, and Exponential, you can now select a Global velocity curve, customizable in MIDI Control Center, to use across all user memory slots.
  • Improved velocity resolution: To prevent unwanted jumps in velocity and smoother transitions at higher values, KeyLab MkII's velocity curve resolution has been refined.
  • Bug fixes: Taking your feedback into account, we've refined numerous aspects of KeyLab 88 MkII's performance, including transposing, on-screen information, rebooting behavior, and much more.