Jesse Ray Ernster Launches Debut Mixland Plugin, Rubber Band Compressor

Mixland rubber band compressor

From the wild mind of Grammy-Award Winning mixer/engineer, Jesse Ray Ernster (known for his work with Doja Cat, Kanye West, and Burna Boy) and the technical prowess of Kiive Audio’s Eddie Lucciola, comes the “Rubber Band Compressor”, the most flexible compressor ever made.

This bizarre and innovative new VCA-style audio compressor simulates the compression effects and physical response of pushing audio signal into a theoretical rubber band (with exponential, dual-stage resistance). The signal pushes into the rubber band and then snaps back aggressively based on the tension, timing, and amount chosen by the user. The user interface features adjustable hands that can pull the rubber band tighter or looser into 3 different tension positions, and the rubber band represents gain reduction as it swoops, wiggles, pushes, and pulls downward according to the amount of SNAP applied. The resulting sounds range from bouncy to snappy, transparent to pumpy and explosive.

The plugin is available for purchase at for an introductory price of $19.99 starting on November 1st 2021, and the sale price will last through the entire month of November. The Rubber Band Compressor is available in AAX, VST, and AU formats for use on both Windows and Mac in the DAW of your choice.


  • Brilliantly-satisfying rubber band physics make for a satisfying visual representation of the effects of the compression
  • Relentless VCA-style compression with ‘dual stage resistance’
  • 3 different tension modes that provide endless tonal flexibility, from clean to snappy
  • Attack and Release parameters that range from ultra-fast to super-slow
  • “Weight” circuit restores thick juicy low end
  • Front-end tone shaping with a modelled Class-A circuit crunch knob
  • “Tilt” parameter adds modeled tube EQ with gorgeous high and low shelves
  • Bypassable Auto Makeup Gain option