WORK PRO, a stand-alone brand from Spanish manufacturer Equipson, is using the InfoComm platform to unveil NEO 5 Air, the latest addition to its hugely popular NEO range of installation loudspeakers. In keeping with other products in the NEO series, the NEO 5 Air is a cost-effective loudspeaker that combines exceptionally high-quality audio with a compact design, thus making it much easier for installers to blend the speakers with the architectural requirements of their project.

What makes NEO 5 Air unique is its built-in wireless digital audio transceiver, which allows the loudspeakers to act as a broadcast system where any unit can be used as a master or receiver. For example, in an installation with numerous NEO 5 AIR speakers, one speaker can be set up as the master so that it can broadcast the audio source to all the other 'receiver' loudspeakers. There are two ways to connect the NEO 5 Air master to the player device – Bluetooth or via a wired line in. This gives users maximum flexibility and allows audio to be easily streamed from a computer or a phone via Bluetooth.

The NEO 5 Air master can stream audio to an unlimited number of NEO 5 Air receivers, and thanks to the inclusion of a channel selector controlled by dip switches, it is possible to broadcast up to 16 different channels. This means that music from a variety of sources can be broadcast from the master to specified receivers in the system, thereby allowing users to create distinctive ambiences throughout their venues.

"The NEO Series is one of our most popular ranges because it offers exceptional audio quality and is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor installations," says Juan Jose Vila, CEO of parent company Equipson. "NEO 5 Air brings an exciting new dimension to the series by allowing installers and venue owners to take audio from multiple sources via the master unit and then broadcast it on to an unlimited number of receivers."

The full NEO range include passive loudspeakers, two-way active loudspeakers and an active subwoofer, some of which are specifically designed for outdoor use thanks to their ability to withstand wind, rain and adverse weather conditions. All NEO loudspeakers are suitable for low impedance installation as well as 100V line installations, and to ensure the best possible audio coverage all NEO loudspeakers can be mounted on specially designed brackets so that they can be directed in both axes.

The NEO 5 Air will be on show at InfoComm, which takes place from June 8-14 in Las Vegas.