AVPro Edge AC-DA-X2 Series

AVProEdge AC DA X2 Series

AVPro Edge has introduced the AC-DA-X2 series of HDMI 2.1b distribution amplifiers, including three models with different output configurations. The AVPro Edge AC-DA-12X2 is a one-input to two-output, 48 Gbps HDMI 2.1b distribution amplifier that flawlessly divides incoming HDMI signals up to 8K/60 fps into two separate output streams. The AC-DA-14X2 is a one-input to four-output version, and the AC-DA-18X2 is a one-input to eight-output model, completing the lineup of ultimate 8K/60 fps HDMI distribution amplifiers for A/V pros.

“We designed this lineup of AVPro Edge next-gen HDMI distribution amps as high-performance problem solvers for residential and commercial A/V integrators across a variety of system applications,” explained Matt Murray, CTO at AVPro Edge. “The output of each distribution amp can be scaled to provide a 3D immersive audio format signal to a decoding audio playback device that may still be viable for that purpose, though dated for video signal passthrough. This functionality effectively extends the life of costly A/V receivers or preamp processors that would otherwise become obsolete.”

Generationally dated but functioning displays intersecting in systems with overlapping HDMI and HDCP versions can handcuff a system into resolution downscaling all displays for compatibility. The AC-DA-X2 series HDMI distribution amplifiers enable mixed-display systems to coexist at their native rates, with plenty of available dynamic headroom.

Key Benefits: AVPro Edge AC-DA-X2 Series of 48 Gbps 8K HDMI Scaling Distribution Amplifiers

  • 48 Gbps bandwidth (Fixed Rate Link 6).
  • Custom EDID blend (combine EDIDs from different devices).
  • Extended 4-Block EDID support for demanding NextGen displays.
  • Supports gaming-focused HDMI 2.1b features.
  • Signal downscaling for compatibility with legacy display devices.
  • Extracted audio for up to 7.1 digital or 2-channel analog applications.

AVPro Edge products feature superior design and manufacturing and are backed by a 10-year advanced-replacement warranty, providing integrators with peace of mind knowing they have installed a product built to last from a trusted manufacturer committed to the Pro A/V channel.