The etherCON TOP cable connectors are TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTED RJ45 carriers for 1 Gbit/s / 100W PoE Ethernet and network connections (RJ45 not included). The D-shape panel mount connectors are designed to withstand the harshest environment and offer a unique teardrop design. These cable connectors are robust, RoHS / REACH compliant, flame retardant, UV and corrosion resistant, and provide IP65 protection against particulate and moisture ingression, ensuring quality, reliability and performance for applications in harsh environments.

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are a standardized system used to categorize the level of protection offered by an enclosure or product against the intrusion of solids and liquids. These ratings hold significant importance in various industries, including professional video, professional lighting, industrial equipment and outdoor appliances to ensure the functionality of devices in challenging environmental conditions. The IP65 rating signifies that etherCON TOP connectors are dust-tight and protected against low pressure water jets.

NEUTRIK’s rigorous testing protocol distinguishes its products in the market, extending test durations and adding additional criteria beyond the stringent IP and other relevant outdoor application ratings.