‘Engaging Experiences’ at Digital Signage Summit Europe 2023

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This year’s Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSS Europe) returns to the Hilton Munich Airport, Germany on 5-6 July 2023, and in line with the release of the invidis Yearbook 2023, will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore ‘Engaging Experiences - Concepts, Creation & Content.’

Celebrating its 50th edition, DSS Europe will present a fresh approach, with insights and direction on how businesses are turning to digital signage and DooH, to create unique and engaging communication journeys. In addition, attendees will be the first to receive a copy of the invidis Yearbook 2023, widely regarded as the go-to industry reference point for exclusive insights and market trends. The latest issue features key topics; ‘Engaging Experiences’ and ‘Green Signage’ which will be explored further during the two-day summit, sponsored by Google Chrome Enterprise.

“Digital signage and DooH have come a long way and are an integral part of today's communication concepts. While the mobile phone is the most interactive screen, used multiple times a day, large displays in public spaces are the screens which viewers remember most. Roadside DooH has evolved considerably, from a digital billboard to a digital canvas with vibrant, relevant, shareable and, at its best, even breath-taking storytelling,” comments Balthasar Mayer, editor-in-chief of invidis consulting.

DSS Europe will analyse and discuss how digital workflows are transforming the digital signage industry and how content can be delivered in a fraction of a second instead of hours, as it is today. Engaging Experiences encompass smart, innovative and effective ways to bring first- and third-party data to life, managed programmatically and delivered across multiple digital channels.

Examining ‘Engaging Experiences’, DSS Europe will feature a range of topical conversations with key industry experts, including:

  • Why digital solutions lack success without spot-on content 11:30, 5 July
  • Daan Berends, Creative Director - First Impression audiovisual
  • Looking beyond the ultimate experience store: remodelling the customer journey 16:00, 5 July
  • Loek Wermenbol, Retail Strategy Director - First Impression audiovisual
  • Getting the message across to your employees 15:00, 6 July
  • Mark McDermott, Co-Founder and CEO - ScreenCloud
  • New Ways of Interactions 15:00, 6 July
  • Johannes Troeger, Senior Vice President (Strategy and Business Development) - Ameria
  • Vincent Encontre, COO - Intuiface
  • Content Creation at Scale 15:30, 6 July
  • Andy Bohli, CEO and Owner - Imaculix

In addition, speakers and panellists will explore content and concepts for luxury brands, food retail, fashion and lifestyle, as well as automotives and hospitality.

Sustainable digital signage solutions and operations have become a necessity in much of EMEA and soon globally. DSS Europe will analyse and discuss how technology providers can offer more energy-efficient solutions, provide global on-site services, develop business models for remanufactured hardware and promote the circular economy before recycling.

The programme includes sessions with influential industry leaders to explore ‘Green Signage’ and ideas and actions for creating a more sustainable industry including:

  • Reuse and Recycle - Product Lifecycles 10:00, 6 July
  • Sebastian Trabold, Solution Manager - CHG Meridian
  • Theresa Kirchweger, Sustainability Manager - umdasch
  • Christof Böhm, Senior Vice President (Engineering, Quality Assurance & Service) - Sharp/NEC Display Solutions Europe
  • Reduce - Efficient Operations and Cost Savings 10:30, 6 July
  • Oliver Schwede, Manager Solution Sales - Digital Media Solutions - CANCOM GmbH
  • Alan Kaufman, President - DynaScan Technology, Inc.
  • Marco Wassermann, Partner - Invidis Impact
  • Reduce - Alternatives to LCD and LED 11:00, 6July
  • Tobias Lang, CEO - LANG AG

The new invidis Yearbook 2023 will provide a wealth of industry information about digital signage and DooH. Comprising over 200 pages and available in both German and English, the indispensable collation of knowledge and data is an essential read for every industry participant.

Florian Rotberg, Chair of DSS Europe and Managing Director of invidis consulting comments: “We’ll be delving into the in’s and out’s of leading industry trends and topics featured in the latest yearbook. We hope to uncover and depict these crucial topics to provide a fresh perspective and take an active role in shaping the industry in a creative, effective, and sustainable future.”

The full programme can be found on the website below.