HH Electronics MZ Series

HH Electronics MZ Series

UK-based HH Electronics has announced the launch of its MZ Series, a range of high performance multi-zone install zone amplifiers, pre-amplifier, and wall controllers. Offering industry-leading performance and features, MZ Series is the perfect tool for commercial systems integrators across a wide variety of applications.

At the heart of the range is the ORIGIN multi-core platform. Its unique processor uses 56-bit floating point precision to ensure input routing, level controls and EQ settings introduce no digital artefacts and provide enhanced headroom. Configurable limiting per zone allows for mixing and matching both Hi Z and Low Z speakers, giving flexibility for multiple situations. ORIGIN’s ECO power saving allows for less than half a watt power consumption in standby mode, perfect for continuous usage whilst lowering energy consumption.

Three robust, easily operable 1U rack amplifier models are available. The MZ-140D, 2 Zone, featuring 2 x individual 140 Watt RMS Class D amplifiers, MZ-140Q (4 Zone, 4 x 140 Watt) and MZ-280Q (4 Zone, 4 x 280W) can be configured to run 70/100 Volt or at minimum 4 ohm impedance. Each amplifier is a zone, and there are front panel controls for volume, two band EQ and source select per zone. There are five flexible input channels, each with a front panel mounted gain trim control. Dual combi microphone inputs allow two individual mics to be connected simultaneously both with auto or manual priority modes. Front 'scribble' strips allow the installer to easily identify each zone and input identification. A dedicated fire/emergency input can override the system.

The range includes the MZ-64P, a 4 zone-control pre-amplifier offering 5 fully-featured input channels so audio can be directed accordingly. The amplifiers and pre-amp are supported with wall controllers to enable remote control over input source and volume, available in US/EU formats in both black and white.

Drawing on HH’s five decades of pioneering heritage in the field of amplifier design and development, the MZ Series is the perfect solution for retail, leisure, café, bars and halls.