Boom Library ‘3D Surround Ambiences Tropical Jungle'

BoomLibrary 3D SurroundAmbiencesTropicalJungle

Boom Library, offering premium sound effects, today announced the release of its newest product, 3D Surround Ambiences Tropical Jungle. This sound library is meticulously crafted to serve audio professionals in film, television, and gaming with the highest quality tropical jungle ambiences. 3D Surround Ambiences Tropical Jungle is designed to effortlessly create the perfect tropical scene for any project. The library includes a diverse range of sounds with varying levels of activity and spatial dimensions, allowing sound designers to meticulously sculpt the audio environment their projects demand.

"With this addition to our growing collection of 3D Surround sound effects libraries we are setting a new standard for immersive audio experiences in the sound design industry," said Axel Rohrbach, MD of Boom Library. “What’s more, the inclusion of stereo versions means those working in stereo formats get to use them without unnecessary file conversion.”

Library Highlights

  • Extensive Sound Range: Over 100 meticulously recorded ambience tracks featuring diverse wildlife and nature sounds that bring vibrant and dynamic jungle scenes to life.
  • Long-Format Tracks: Each track averages well over 5 minutes in duration, providing rich and continuous background sound without repetitive loops.
  • Dual Format Convenience: The ORTF-3D files are accompanied by stereo versions of each sound, making this library versatile for both surround and stereo applications without the need for conversion.
  • High Compatibility: All files are provided in WAV format, supporting 24-bit, 96kHz quality, for compatibility with both Windows and Mac platforms.

Technical Specifications

  • Files: 123 (246 including stereo versions)
  • Size: 98.2 GB (122.8 GB including stereo versions)
  • Formats: WAV - 24bit - 96kHz / Windows + Mac
  • Track Layout: Low: L • R • Ls • Rs; High: Lh • Rh • LSh • RSh
  • Content Info: Available in PDF and XLS formats for easy reference

This comprehensive library is available now for purchase directly through the Boom Library website. It is an essential tool for audio professionals seeking to inject authentic, high-quality tropical ambiences into their projects.


  • Stereo: $129 / 119€
  • Surround: $349 / 329€

Release Discount (20% off for 2 weeks from launch date)

  • Stereo: $103.20 / 95.20€
  • Surround: $279.20 / 263.20€