IBC2024 Technical Papers Submission

IBC announces today that the call for Technical Papers is now open for the IBC2024 Conference. IBC is world-renowned for the quality, timeliness and innovative subject matter of its Technical Papers. The event is an excellent opportunity for forward-thinking technologists and companies to unveil their ideas and research to media industry leaders hungry for new technology concepts, their possible uses and practical applications.

The Technical Papers Programme welcomes entries from all sectors across the media, entertainment and technology industry and from every discipline, whether you are a professional or a professor, a member of an R&D team, working alone or with a global brand and from across any part of the broadcast, communications, electronic media and entertainment fields.

Dr Paul Entwistle, Chair of IBC's Technical Papers Committee, said: “IBC2023 was another great year for our Technical Papers Programme. 5G came to the fore and indisputably proved its place in content production and our extended Video Coding session (spanning encoding, super-resolution and sustainability) also enjoyed strong audience support. Advances in the technologies underpinning streaming continued to show significant improvements, while AI – being tried everywhere – sought to showcase exciting use cases where it will make a compelling difference.”

IBC Technical Papers present unpublished technical disclosures of original, novel research/ innovation focused on real world problems faced by the international broadcast and digital media industry. At this initial stage, IBC is looking for a 300-word synopsis giving a clear and concise overview of the key topic of your paper, evidencing what is unique and novel and explaining its background.

“Technical disclosures can also include new analytical insight into the cultural, social and environmental impact of our industry. As AI continues to impress, it also brings risks from fake news and bias - do we have the tools and transparency to tame this genie?” Entwistle noted. “IBC sincerely appreciates the support the industry shows the Technical Papers Programme and looks forward to showcasing authors whose work sits at the cutting-edge, challenges the norm, or shares useful and practical insight.”

All submissions are rigorously reviewed by a panel of professional experts. Papers accepted for presentation at the IBC2024 Conference have the opportunity to win the highly coveted Best Conference Paper Award, presented at the IBC2024 Awards. The deadline for submissions is Friday 9 February 2024. Entries can be submitted at Technical Papers 2024 Submission - IBC2024 at the website below.