Title Published Date
New KLOTZ USB AC 3.1 Super Speed Cable 15.04.2024
KLOTZ introduces the USB CC 3.2 Super Speed Cable 08.04.2024
ADDAC System announces the ADDAC200CT Cable Tester 13.03.2024
KLOTZ introduces premade mobile CAT7 Network Cables 28.02.2024
Ambient introduces internal Cable for QP Slim 20.02.2024
KLOTZ presents the mobile CAT7 Network Cable C7PLRP 19.02.2024
CONTRIK reveals New Power Multicore Solutions 06.02.2024
CONTRIK reveals New Power Multicore Solutions 06.02.2024
KLOTZ introduces the New LaGrange Supreme Guitar Cable 2024 29.01.2024
NEUTRIK launches ‘essential’ and ‘ultimate’ Series 26.01.2024
ACT Entertainment unveils Lava Cable Branding 23.01.2024
CONTRIK introduces New Power Multicore Cables 16.01.2024
KLOTZ introduces the JoeBonamassa High End Guitar Cable 16.01.2024
Ambient announces New Timecode Cables 11.01.2024
Andreas Reisenzahn is the New Business Developement Manager at KLOTZ AIS 11.01.2024
Focusrite plc purchase OutBoard Electronics and TiMax Immersive Audio Solutions 19.12.2023
MUTEC introduces the Prime Select Cables (PSC) 12.12.2023
NEUTRIK introduces the opticalCON MTP Systems 31.10.2023
Digital Audio Denmark introduces DADlink High-Speed Connection 25.10.2023
KLOTZ presents the HC72P25 Hybrid Cable 29.09.2023
Sommer Cable presents the CAT.6a Patch Cable S/FTP Proflex Series 25.07.2023
USB Audio for the KEMPER PROFILER 13.06.2023
KLOTZ Upgrades Fibre Optic Cables to Higher Quality OM4 BI Multimode Fibre 13.06.2023
Sound Particles releases SkyDust 3D 1.1 Update 06.06.2023
Sonnet stellt das Echo 11 Thunderbolt 4 Dock mit HDMI-Anschluss vor 01.06.2023
Shure stellt das integrierte Decken-Array MXA902 vor 31.05.2023
KLOTZ PD1 Pro Digital Patch - thin AES & DMX "slim patch" cables 26.05.2023
Kigali’s ‘Radio O’ Uses Lawo Software to Build Radio Station 23.05.2023
DJ Workshop Germany 2023 22.05.2023
MuMu nightclub receives bespoke AV set up with Martin Audio 10.05.2023
NEUTRIK introduces latest-standards compliant powerCON cable connectors 04.05.2023
Fiedler Audio announces Dolby Atmos Composer 20.04.2023
Lawo und intoPIX kooperieren für umfassende Unterstützung von JPEG XS 12.04.2023
Lawo Introduces HOME Apps for 360° Workflow and Budget Elasticity 04.04.2023
KLOTZ FiberLink now available with various APC connectors 30.03.2023
Lawo eröffnet CTO-Office zur Umsetzung strategischer Unternehmensziele 23.03.2023
KLOTZ presents the D7 pro digital with OmniTrans OT234YS 23.03.2023
Bjooks and myVolts present the Candycord Halo Cables for Eurorack 08.03.2023
KLOTZ presents the high quality digital cable OT234H-D 28.02.2023
Meet the New Powerhouse from Steinberg: HALion 7 16.02.2023
Meyer Sound erweitert Marketingteam 08.02.2023
Sky New Zealand modernisiert mit Lawo IP Technologie 01.02.2023
SPL Crescendo duo erhält neues Design der Studio-Serie 30.01.2023
Neutrik Group exhibiting expanded product portfolio at ISE 2023 27.01.2023
The TASCAM Model 12 and DR-40X Keep the Creative Juices Flowing for Spencer Lere 18.01.2023
Sommer cable presents Multicore speaker cable SC-ELEPHANT ROBUST SPM2440 13.12.2022
Eventide Misha 13.12.2022
MDS modular duct system by KLOTZ AIS: Professional cable duct system 30.11.2022
Heiga Studios uses Focusrite’s Red 16Line and RedNet R1 15.11.2022
The KLOTZ MIS modular interface system - now even more versatile 15.11.2022