in-akustik LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver & NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver

inAkustik LS 8005

With the market launch of AIR cables, in-akustik has made an audiophile dream come true: using air as the perfect insulator. Another spectacular highlight is to be introduced at HIGH END show in Munich: the ultimate cables LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver and NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver, which reach the zenith of audiophile perfection with pure silver cables and new cable architecture.

A long-cherished dream came true for the German development team in Ballrechten-Dottingen when a customer from North America contacted their sales partner in the States. The customer imagined to have the ultimate loudspeaker and line-level cables, asking in-akustik whether it is technically possible to make this dream come true bringing his audio equipment to the highest level of audiophile perfection imagineable. This requirement enabled in-akustik to utilise existing Reference AIR technology to the full without any restrictions. After intensive research and implementation of new ideas, the LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver and NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver cables have now seen the light of day and will be presented to a wide audience for the first time at HIGH END show in Munich.

There are many myths stirred up about signal and power cables in the scene for high end audio. Just as many exotic materials are used as insulators between the individual cores of a cable with the aim of improving the sound. The conception of a new cable technology by in-akustik is based on the fundamentals of electrical engineering and physics. Their developers revolutionised the field of audio cables by using air to insulate the cores from each other. Air is undisputedly the best insulator for cables (apart from vacuum). It allows the lowest capacitance and low dielectric losses while also behaving in the same way under all given circumstances.

AIR technology from in-akustik has shown that the insulation of an audio cable is of crucial importance and has a significant influence on the sound. The dielectric losses and electrostatic properties of the insulating materials are responsible for the fact that they weigh down the hi-fi system like heavy luggage and make it sluggish. Air technology reduces this load and enables the entire hi-fi chain to deliver top performance. This is achieved using special clips that guide the signal conductors through the cable in rows and free-floating.

For the perfect sound, high-end loudspeakers require a lot of power, which must be delivered quickly and precisely. The power must correspond exactly to the analogue image of the original sound source, be it an A cappella soloist or an energetic rock concert. In order to transmit this current to the loudspeaker correctly and efficiently, a few technical tricks are required that help to skilfully circumvent physical interference. Line resistances and line inductances play a decisive role in loudspeaker cables.

The most powerful reference AIR cable, the LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver, has 32 cross-link super-speed waveguides with an impressive total cross-section of 38 mm2. However, a large cross-section alone does not make a quality cable. The intelligent arrangement of the conductors eliminates almost all magnetic fields, paving the way for the finest sound facets and powerful pressure.

The increasing number of mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, PV systems and charging stations increases the risk of electromagnetic interference, which can affect hi-fi and high-end systems. Cables act as antennas and can transmit this interference into the devices. There they overlay the audio signal in sensitive circuit areas and lead to a degraded sound. It is crucial to use effective shielding and earthing concepts to protect the sound. A well-known example of this is the earth wire of a record player. The LS-8005 AIR has a grounding option that can be connected to the amplifier's earth, the ground-wire or a grounding box as required to dissipate interference.

In order to achieve the perfect sound, in-akustik has carefully analysed the conductor material. High-purity copper is already an excellent conductor. A superconductor that offers no ohmic resistance would be ideal, but it requires extremely low temperatures of at least minus seventy degrees Celsius. In real conditions, silver is currently the most conductive material with a conductivity of 61.35 S/m (Siemens per metre), which is about six percent higher than copper. Many manufacturers use silver-plated conductors, which are perceived as "bright" and "metallic" in terms of sound. In-akustik, on the other hand, uses pure silver, which has a more neutral sound. Thanks to the higher drift speed of the electrons, the silver cable from in-akustik offers an impressive sound performance across all frequency ranges. However, the precious metal silver is around 100 times more expensive than copper.

A long-awaited wish of in-akustik customers is now becoming reality. With the NF-4005 AIR and NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver cables now available, the cable manufacturer from Ballrechten-Dottingen is closing an existing gap: with the counterparts to the LS-4005 AIR speaker cables, it is now possible to equip the entire chain with the 4005 cables, for the best possible sound from one product family. Not only the flagship LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver will be presented at the High End: all in-akustik innovations will be shown in Atrium 3.1, room C121, including the top-class loudspeaker-, audio-, digital-, USB-, mains- and phono cables as well as all cables in the 1205 AIR and 2405 AIR categories.

The in-akustik factory is located in Ballrechten-Dottingen in the far south-west of Germany, where the cables are manufactured in-house. The LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver is also completely manufactured here, where the clips are assembled by hand with the utmost care and the cross-link super-speed waveguides are threaded in. The resulting AIR Helix is then fitted with the PE network jacket by hand before the finished cable is assembled with the 360° Basic terminals developed by in-akustik. All in-akustik AIR series Generation 5 cables are available immediately from selected specialist dealers. All prices are recommended retail prices for the ready-made cable or set in standard length.

Speaker cable:

  • LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver: 89000 Euro (stereo set 2x 3m single wire)
  • LS-8005 AIR Pure Silver: 91000 Euro (stereo set 2x 3m single bi-wire)
  • LS-8005 AIR: 20000 Euro (stereo set 2x 3m single wire)
  • LS-8005 AIR: 22000 Euro (Stereo Set 2x 3m bi-wire)

Signal cable XLR:

  • NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver XLR: 8.995 Euro (1m)
  • NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver XLR: 12.999 Euro (1,5m)
  • NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver XLR: 16.999 Euro (2m)
  • NF-4005 AIR XLR: 4.499 Euro (1m)
  • NF-4005 AIR XLR: 6.498 Euro (1,5m)
  • NF-4005 AIR XLR: 8.498 Euro (2m)

RCA signal cable:

  • NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver RCA: 6.999 Euro (1m)
  • NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver RCA: 9.999 Euro (1,5m)
  • NF-4005 AIR Pure Silver RCA: 12.999 Euro (2m)
  • NF-4005 AIR RCA: 3.999 Euro (1m)
  • NF-4005 AIR RCA: 5.799 Euro (1,5m)
  • NF-4005 AIR RCA: 7.589 Euro (2m)