Penteo Version 6

Penteo V6 GUI

Penteo Audio Plugins, a pioneer in stereo upmix and downmix software, today announced the release of Penteo version 6, a landmark update that significantly enhances the capabilities of its award-winning audio plugins. Penteo reinforces its position as the leading upmix/downmix plugin for audio professionals who need to reversion between any audio format including Dolby Atmos, Surround, Auro3D, DTSX, Sony 360RA, Ambisonics, Binaural and Dolby Pro Logic. Penteo version 6 is designed to streamline the complex process of upmixing and downmixing, ensuring reversioning between formats maintains the utmost fidelity and spatial accuracy and every Penteo upmix will downmix perfectly 100% ITU back to its source. Penteo version 6 adds 15 new creative workflow controls and presets, 14 advanced audio formats up to 64 channels, plus numerous user interface enhancements.

New Features include:

  • Innovative Creative & Workflow Controls: Introducing 10 new sound shaping modes plus 5 Universal Music Group presets which provide unparalleled creative upmix/downmix workflow control.
  • Highest Order Ambisonics up to 64 channels: Penteo adds 2ch / 3ch / 4ch UHJ plus 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th order AmbiX Ambisonics for advanced multispatial automatic encoding/decoding.
  • Direct Binaural Renderer: Directly convert any of 62 audio formats to high-quality Binaural without the need for intermediate upmixing.
  • Advanced Sound Design Formats: Penteo version 6 supports Octophonic 8ch Cube, hybrid Sony 360RA 16.0 and Atmos 7.0.7, plus non-LFE 9.0.6 and 7.0.6 formats broadening the possibilities for advanced gaming/VR/XR audio creation.
  • Faster Audio Restoration: With added support for LtRt, LCRS, LCRS + LFE, and 2.1 Stereo formats, Penteo version 6 accelerates reversioning of legacy formats to/from all current audio formats.
  • Plugin Interface Enhancements: An improved interface with two-level input/output format drop-down menus, multi-link faders, peak indicators and numerous auto-defaults to speed upmix/downmix workflows.
  • Penteo Pro+ 3rd Order Ambisonics FuMa upmix to 7th Order Ambisonics AmbiX with Binaural Output

"The release of Penteo’s 6th major update in five years is a milestone in the evolution of our award-winning plugins that thousands of music, film, gaming/VR, TV streaming audio professionals rely on everyday” said Jeffrey Read, CEO of Penteo. “User feedback guided this massive release for the new level of creative controls that significantly streamline upmix/downmix workflows. Early indications from the pre-release have been fantastic, especially from sound designers and composers trying to navigate the evolving world of audio reversioning between a growing number of disparate audio formats." With these enhancements, Penteo version 6 redefines audio reversioning to a new level, providing audio professionals with a powerful plugin that results in an optimal listening experience in every audio format while simplifying conversions across 8 DAWs.

Penteo version 6 is a free update for existing Penteo customers. New licenses are priced as follows:

  • Penteo 360 $299 – 5.1 Upmixer/Downmixer for 13 audio formats with 2nd Order Ambisonics.
  • Penteo Pro $499 – 16 channel upmixer/downmixer for 43 formats with all Atmos & Immersive
  • Penteo Pro+ $799 – 64 channel upmixer/downmixer with 62 audio formats including 7th Order Ambisonics plus direct Binaural rendering.

Up to 30% off introductory offer sale until April 12, 2024:

  • Penteo Pro+ new licenses are $599, saving $200 or 25% off.
  • Upgrades from Penteo Pro to Penteo Pro+ are $245, saving $105 or 30% off.
  • Upgrades from Penteo 360 to Penteo Pro+ are $400, saving $100 or 20% off.

Penteo supports AAX/VST3/AU running on Windows / MacOS for Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, AbletonLive, Pyramix and Resolve DAWs.