Sinevibes Integer

Sinevives Integer

Sinevibes has released Integer, a digital-analog buffer device effect plugin for Mac and Windows. It’s an advanced model of a variable sample rate buffer, capable of a multitude of different effects – from delay, chorus, flanger to endless feedback loops and drones, brick-wall filtering, sample rate manipulation, and anything in between. Integer is available in AAX, AU and VST3 formats.

Integer is a digital-analog buffer modeling effect. At its core is a delay engine based on a variable sample rate technology: just like analog “bucket bridge device” chips, this algorithm produces different delay time values by varying the speed of its internal sample clock. The plugin offers multiple buffer size and output interpolation options, as well as an ultra-wide clock range – from just hundreds of Hz up to tens of MHz, making it possible to drastically vary the audio resolution and character. A flexible sine generator is also included for modulating the delay time, with optional stereo expansion and gradual chaotic randomization.

Integer has a sophisticated bipolar feedback system with signal amplification, adjustable low-pass and high-pass filters, plus a brick-wall limiter that prevents overloads but lets the signal endlessly loop through the filters and the variable sample rate buffer. Thanks to its elastic, tape-like behavior, the pitch glide effects during delay time changes do not affect what’s in the feedback loop. With all these features combined, Integer is capable of a huge variety of effects – ranging from delay, chorus, flanger to charismatic loops and drones, brick-wall filtering, sample rate manipulation, and anything in between..

Sound Engine Highlights:

  • Digital-analog delay model with variable sample rate design, multiple buffer size options and extremely wide clock range
  • Optional delay time tempo sync
  • Variable input low-pass and high-pass filters
  • Three output interpolation algorithms
  • Bipolar feedback loop with possible endless amplification and brick-wall limiter
  • Modulation generator with optional tempo sync, adjustable frequency and amplitude drift, and stereo phase offset

Integer is immediately available for $29. It's compatible with macOS 10.9 or later (64-bit Intel and Apple Silicon, GPU with Metal support required) and with Windows 8.1 or later (64-bit Intel), and is provided in AAX , AU and VST3 plugin formats.