Neyrinck V-90 Symphonic

Neyrink V 90 GUI

Neyrinck announces the V-90 Symphonic, a new plugin dedicated to capturing the symphonic effect from the original SPX 90 hardware. Now you can insert the symphonic effect on any mono or stereo DAW track and get the exact same lush, wide modulation and sweeping texture used on countless hit records since 1985. It supports AU, VST, VST 3, AAX Native, and AAX DSP plugin formats on Mac and Windows.

With just two controls, Modulation Frequency and Modulation Width, it's easy to dial in the right vibe on guitar, bass, keyboards, or vocals. Musicians and mixers love it as an effective chorus without any of the wobbly, detuned artifacts of typical chorus effects. It has no latency so it’s great for tracking. With Pro Tools you can switch a hybrid track between Native and DSP and it will always work perfectly.