Wavesfactory Equalizer

Wavesfactory Equalizer

Wavesfactory, the company behind Trackspacer, Echo Cat, Spectre, and a host of other unique plugins and Kontakt instruments, has announced Equalizer, a unique plugin that offers a new approach for tonal shaping of individual tracks, busses and entire mixes.

Equalizer analyses the incoming signal in 32 different bands and it boosts or cuts the level of each band separately in order for all of them to have the same volume. The user can select various elements of the spectrum to affect, cut or boost as a percentage of the whole spectrum, adjust attack and release of reaction time, tilt to apply the process to favour more low or high end content. The user can also apply M/S processing to apply the effect to mids or sides.

With real-time processing and zero latency, Equalizer delivers transparent results without any artefacts or compromises. Its name reflects its commitment to equalizing all frequencies seamlessly, resulting in a pleasing, well-balanced, and clear sound.

Equalizer can reduce muddiness, remove digital harshness, and adds brightness to dull tracks. It effortlessly cleans your mix, providing a polished and cohesive result that allows all elements to blend harmoniously. Equalizer can be used on individual instruments, group busses or on your master buss. As it offers zero-latency processing it can also be used in live applications.

Wavesfactory Equaliser – At a Glance:

  • Cut: cut the effect as a percentage
  • Boost: boost the effect as a percentage
  • Attack/Release: change the reaction times of the algorithm in milliseconds
  • Amount: sets the amount of effect applied by effectively changing the gain of each band.
  • M/S: applies the effect on the mid channel, side channel or anything in between
  • Tilt: favour the high or low frequencies.
  • Mix: control the dry and wet signals with a single knob offering uncomplicated parallel processing.
  • Auto Gain: automatic compensation of any signal changes.
  • Low/High cut filters: let you specify a range of action in the frequency spectrum.
  • User drawable per-band amount: draw on the spectrum to apply more or less of the effect.
  • Delta signals for cut and boost separately: the plugin will output the difference between the EQ signal and the dry signal, allowing the user to listen to what the plugin thinks that needs to be cut or what needs to be added.

Formats & Specifications

  • MacOS (Intel and Silicon) from 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Windows (7/8/10/11)
  • AAX, Audio Units, VST, VST3

The price is 99 Euro, with an introductory price of 59 Euro until further notice.