MAAT FiDef JENtwo Now Universal Binary 2

MAAT FiDef JENtwo v2

MAAT Labs, a manufacturer of exceptional fidelity professional audio solutions, today announced the release of their third generation FiDef JENtwo professional audio software. The new product brings speed and stability improvements to the newest generation of ARM and Intel computers and professional DAWs.

Developed in close collaboration with FideliQuest Incorporated, FiDef JENtwo is a 64 bit audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) plug–in that provides a unique, subaudible psychoacoustic addition to any audio content, including speech, music and effects. FiDef JENtwo enhances and elevates, without altering 1770 Loudness or power spectrum, by acting directly on the listener’s subconscious. FiDef JENtwo’s minimalist user interface belies the underlying complexity. That intricacy is now more streamlined and optimized for both macOS and Windows computers, thanks to the new dictates of ARM optimization for Apple Silicon.

Grounded firmly in experimentation and analysis, FiDef technology can increase definition and detail, soundstage width and depth and, most importantly, the emotional engagement of the listener. Jayson Tomlin, the visionary inventor of FiDef, possesses an inquisitive nature and won’t accept received wisdom at face value. With the help of a physicist colleague and a doctor of neuroscience, their search for the source of live music’s excitement led to the creation of the unconventional process. Subliminal FiDef triggers cerebral activity analogous to how the brain responds to live performances. The proprietary signal is sub-audible and is “masked,” being below the level of conscious perception when played at normal volume. “The response to version one of FiDef JENtwo was fantastic. We are seeing recognition from the market that FiDef has a beneficial effect on mixes which, in turn, has other manufacturers validating our work with ersatz solutions. Our colleagues at MAAT have really delivered for us and we are excited to see what’s next with our premier development partner.”

Being a signal that works with your subconscious mind, FiDef acts differently from all other audio plug–ins. Frans de Rond, label owner, producer and ultra–fidelity engineer, says that, at first he didn’t hear that much difference. After realigning his mindset however, he found the beauty that FiDef offers. ”When you try to focus too much you often just don’t hear it anymore. But if I ‘let it go,’ then I feel and really hear the difference.”

The product is available in all modern plug–in formats, including cross–platform AAX, VST 2 and 64 bit VST 3, as well as Universal Binary 2 Audio Units for macOS. Perpetual licenses for FiDef JENtwo are available now from MAAT Labs.