Klevgrand Borsta

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Borsta is a new innovative percussion instrument specially designed for strokes and brushes. Its unique audio engine allows for an endless number of truly natural sounding brushing phrases and rhythms. What sets Borsta apart from similar instruments is that its audio engine supports continuous changes in intensity. This makes it possible to create very lifelike brushing phrases and patterns, something that can't be achieved with traditional sample-based instruments.

The parallel envelope and events sequencers allow you to determine exactly when to start a stroke, how the stroke's pressure/speed should evolve over time and when to end it. On top of that, all instruments also offers multi-sampled one-shots with advanced choking capabilities.

Each instrument is based on more than 400 high-quality samples, recorded for playing with different velocities and round robins. Borsta emulates a single drum instrument at a time, but comes with 18 different instruments to choose between. The sequences are played one at a time, however switching between sequences can be done seamlessly via MIDI, and additional one-shot samples can be triggered using an ordinary MIDI track.

The instruments are all structured and MIDI-mapped in a uniform way, which makes it possible to use the same sequence on any instrument. For instance, a traditional swing pattern will sound musically correct no matter whether you choose a Frame Drum, Tambourine or Snare Drum - it will just sound like the musician changed instruments. Borsta is a Swedish verb, meaning ”to brush”.


  • 18 high-quality instruments with 6 multi-sampled one shots each
  • 230 pre-made factory sequences
  • 60 Global presets covering different sounds and genres
  • Separate volume and velocity curve control of each sound type
  • Room simulation (9 different rooms)
  • Reverb with adjustable decay time (6 different algorithms)
  • Timbre adjustment control (harmonics)
  • Overall pitch
  • Three band equalizer


  • Rusty Bucket
  • Guira
  • Pancake Drum
  • Tambourine
  • Frame Drum
  • Pizza Box
  • Cardboard Pipe
  • Cajon
  • Pandeiro
  • Bakestone
  • Cymbal Chains
  • Snare Drum 1
  • Snare Drum 2
  • Snare Drum 3
  • LOFI Snare Drum
  • Metal Spade
  • Djembe
  • Iron Sticks


  • Mac and Windows (AU/VST/AAX): $59.99. Introductory price: $35.99 (40% off, valid until March 28, 2022).
  • iPad (AUv3/Standalone): $19.99. Introductory price: $14.99 (25% off, valid until March 28, 2022).