Klevgrand releases Rum – Room Simulator

Klevgrand Rum GUI

Klevgrand  releases  Rum  –  a  room  simulator  plug-in  that  simulates  different kinds of spaces. The plug-in gives you a versatile collection of small rooms - from  acoustic  treated  studio  booths  to  rooms  found  in  an  ordinary  home.  Rum  is  very  useful  to  add  a  sense  of  space  around  dry  recordings,  both acoustic and electronic

Recording  audio  from  a  distance  is  a  well  known  technique  to  achieve  more  natural  and  “real” sounds. Klevgrand started to elaborate with this approach and the result is Rum, which means means Room in Swedish – a plug-in with 10  multi-recorded  rooms  with  different  mic  settings  and  characters  that  can  be  cross  combined. Rum  offers  an  advanced  stereo  spread  and  modulation  unit  for  more  tweakability.  It  also  comes with  a  built-in  ducker  making  it  easy  to  tame  transients  on  the  wet  signal,  cutoff  filters,  pre-delay (with tempo sync) and a full set of factory presets.


  • 10 different rooms with 6 variants each
  • 3 different types of stereo spread algorithms
  • Modulation
  • Ducker (compression) for the wet signal
  • Pre-delay with tempo synchronization
  • Low cut and high cut filters
  • Plenty of factory presets