Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
TT+ AUDIO shows GTS 29 High-Performance Subwoofer at InfoComm 2024 12.06.2024
RCF expands versatile Product Portfolio at InfoComm 2024 05.06.2024
EAW announces New KF Series Subwoofers & New Networkable Amplifier Racks 04.06.2024
dBTechnologies debuts Three New Models in the IS Series at InfoComm 2024 03.06.2024
Genelec to launch 3440A Smart IP PoE Subwoofer at InfoComm 2024 30.05.2024
EAW introduces the SBX118F 1 x 18" Powered Arrayable Subwoofer 21.05.2024
Studiomaster expands and uprates its FOH Loudspeakers for 2024 10.05.2024
Martin Audio WP for UB40 Show at St. Andrews Stadium 22.04.2024
CODA Audio launches the SB12 & SCX Subwoofers 10.04.2024
Erfahrungsbericht EVE Audio Monitore Firecrest Studio 05.04.2024
NEXO announces New Subs, NXAMP Firmware and NeMo Software Updates 28.03.2024
Vanco International unveils Versatile Outdoor Speaker Kit 27.02.2024
Wharfedale Pro T-SUB-AX18B: kompakter aktiver Subwoofer 27.02.2024
SWG Events’ triumphant Return to MOBOs, with Martin Audio WPL Line Array 26.02.2024
Shure präsentiert den Axient Digital ADX3 Aufstecksender 24.01.2024
IK Multimedia presents the NAMM 2024 Panel Schedule 19.01.2024
Nord Keyboards introduces the Nord Grand 2 at NAMM 2024 19.01.2024
KGEAR launches GU210 Subwoofer and GMX4L Mixer 18.01.2024
Noise Engineering announces New Alia Firmware Incus Iteritas 18.01.2024
Powersoft introduces Verso at ISE 2024 15.01.2024
Accentize announces AI Ethical Use Statement 15.01.2024
Andreas Reinsenzahn ist neuer Business Developement Manager bei KLOTZ AIS 11.01.2024
Lumens selects Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Medium 10.01.2024
Martin Audio TORUS Solution for Dominion Church in Iowa 10.01.2024
Wharfedale Pro bietet widerstandsfähige Tough Tone Lackierung 09.01.2024
Audio-Technica U.S. announces new System Solutions Test Lab 03.01.2024
Focusrite now shipping RedNet PCIeNX 20.12.2023
Analogue Solutions announces availability of Ample 29.11.2023
Focusrite on the Production of New Ashley Monroe Single “Over Everything” 21.11.2023
Sonic Electricity: Orchestral Tools announces Konduit 09.11.2023
Hybrides Arbeiten: Lenovo & EPOS starten Kooperation 07.11.2023
HK Audio introduces LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA and LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA 02.11.2023
HK Audio veröffentlicht LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA und LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA 02.11.2023
SWG’s Martin Audio WPL PA serves up a Treat at Big Feastival 30.10.2023
“Live Extreme by KORG” Streaming System delivers Impeccable Audio to U.S. 24.10.2023
SWG Events move into Cardiff Castle with Martin Audio's Wavefront Precision 16.10.2023
Soundworks and Martin Audio WP combine for Iron Blossom Festival 09.10.2023
Bitwig and PreSonus introduce New Open DAWproject format 26.09.2023
Arturia’s PolyBrute goes Deeper with Firmware 3.0 19.09.2023
Sinus Award: Vorzeigeprojekte für Prolight+Sound gesucht 15.09.2023
NEXO expands P+ Series Point Source Speakers with P18 and L20 05.09.2023
Martin Audio MLA still the best solution for meeting South Facing Festival’s challenges 04.09.2023
Wharfedale Pro toughens up its Product Line with new Finish 30.08.2023
Arturia FX Collection V4 22.08.2023
Qvest präsentiert neue Produkte und Practices auf der IBC 2023 18.08.2023
Mooij Alkmaar makes its mark with Martin Audio CDD 02.08.2023
Denon stellt drei neue 8K-AV-Verstärker mit 3D-Audio-Performance der S-Serie vor 25.07.2023
Steinberg VST Live 20.07.2023
RNE wählt ferncast aixtream für Wandlung des MPTS 18.07.2023
SWG Events field Martin Audio WPL for Hampton Court Palace Festival 12.07.2023