Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
AIR Music Tech unveils the Creative FX Collection 2: The Sound of Legends 16.07.2024
Nomad Factory launches British Bundle v2 in New Classic Series 09.07.2024
Waves introduces V15, the New Version of Waves Plugins 24.06.2024
NUGEN Audio releases NUtility Toolkit 13.06.2024
Arturia announces FX Collection 5 11.06.2024
Bogren Digital releases Trivium Ampknob Bundle 15.05.2024
Apple Silicon & VST3 Update for AIR Music Tech Classic Plugins 07.05.2024
ADC Mentorship Program 2024 Applications Open 03.05.2024
Eventide launches H3000 Mk II Plug-Ins 01.05.2024
Nembrini releases Nexus: A Subhost/Standalone Plugin Host 05.02.2024
AVT MAGIC Server 26.01.2024
Build Better, build Faster, build Stronger: The New JUCE 8 25.01.2024
Waves announces SuperRack LiveBox 23.01.2024
Audiomovers launch the New Year Collection 03.01.2024
Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Duality Strings (colors) 20.12.2023
Arturia releases the V Collection X 12.12.2023
Genelec targets Growth in Mexico with New Distribution Structure 12.12.2023
Riedel eröffnet neuen Technologie-Hub in Berlin 07.12.2023
Peter Fox on Tour with Sennheiser 05.12.2023
Wide Blue Sound updates the AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER to V1.1 01.12.2023
Focusrite announces huge Discounts on Scarlet Vocaster 21.11.2023
Rob Papen presents eXplorer-9 as inspirational Bundle boosted to 30 Plug-ins 21.11.2023
Eventide aims High and Low with inaugural Split Essentials Plug-ins 20.11.2023
Slate Digital & Solid State Logic combine for ‘complete access’ 20.11.2023
Arturia announce Black Friday Sale 14.11.2023
nuZeo: Nubert präsentiert neue, aktive High-End-Lautsprecherserie 03.11.2023
Arturia introduces Analog Lab & Play View for Free 31.10.2023
Wide Blue Sound launches SILENCER Reverb Plug-in 28.10.2023
ADC23 unites on the World's Audio Developers in November 2023 25.10.2023
Eventide kündigt neue Plug-ins für Immersive Audio an 25.10.2023
Eventide releases Blackhole and MicroPitch Immersive Plug-ins 25.10.2023
Nomad Factory announce New "Retro EQs Bundle" 24.10.2023
The Crow Hill Company launches as New Eco-Verse of Solutions 19.10.2023
Baby Audio has acquired Denise Audio 19.10.2023
Martin Audio WPL used for José María Napoleón at GNP Acapulco Arena 25.09.2023
ISE grows Senior Leadership Team 22.09.2023
MOD Plug-in Promo im Rahmen des Guitar Summit 2023 21.09.2023
Rupert Neve Designs stellt den MBT Master Bus Transformer vor 20.09.2023
Flock Audio unveils PATCH APP DX’s newest addition “DX Bridge” 08.09.2023
Native Instruments releases Music Production Suite 6 06.09.2023
Ferncast stellt neuen und verbesserten fernReport auf der IBC 2023 vor 29.08.2023
SUPERBOOTH BERLIN verkündet Datum für nächste Ausgabe 28.08.2023
Lawo mit IP-Lösungen auf der IBC 2023 24.08.2023
Universal Audio introduces new UAFX Pedals 23.08.2023
Universal Audio stellt neue UAFX-Pedale vor 23.08.2023
Genelec creates the MyGenelec Portal to elevate Customer Experience 23.08.2023
Arturia FX Collection V4 22.08.2023
Moog Music releases Eight New Pro Audio Effects for iPad & iPhone 11.08.2023
Golden Age Audio im Exklusivvertrieb bei Audiowerk 09.08.2023
sonible releases smart:gate: Content-Aware Gate Plug-in 18.07.2023