Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
Sennheiser Wireless for Musiktheater im Revier 22.05.2024
Yamaha launches YDM Series Dynamic Microphones 22.05.2024
Universal Audio introduces Three New Additions to its Standard Series 15.05.2024
Neumann celebrates 2024 Music Producers Guild Award Winners 10.05.2024
Shure introduces the MV7+ Microphone 10.04.2024
Schoeps introduces the Desert Island Stereo Set 25.03.2024
Audio-Technica announces New Rental Program for Broadcast Audio Systems 20.03.2024
sE Electronics introduces the BL8 omni 14.03.2024
Sennheiser Digital 6000 & Neumann KK 205 at the 66th Grammy Awards 22.02.2024
Sennheiser invests Scale-Up Business sensiBel 21.02.2024
Music Legends trust Shure at 66th Grammy Awards 15.02.2024
Vanguard Audio V13 gen2 Cinemag Editions Now available 07.02.2024
Prolight + Sound 2024 kündigt Keynotes und Live Acts an 26.01.2024
Sound Radix unveils Auto-Align 2.1 at NAMM 2024 25.01.2024
Winther Sound Solutions named Swedish Distributor for Linea Research 22.01.2024
Sound Network Ltd rebrands as DPA Microphones UK 18.01.2024
Mackie stellt das Video-Streaming-Interface MainStream vor 18.01.2024
TASCAM showcases Sonicview Digital Recording & Mixing Consoles at NAMM 2024 17.01.2024
Vienna Symphonic Library veröffentlicht Lyrical & Virtuosic Legato für Synchron Woodwinds 16.01.2024
KSCAPE launches RAIL S at ISE 2024 16.01.2024
2B Heard acquires Microphone Innovator Sontronics 15.01.2024
Dolby Atmos - Wo geht die Reise hin? 12.01.2024
Steinberg introduces Cubasis & Dorico for iPad 11.12.2023
Sennheiser presents: Ingo Stoll and the Art of Audiography 06.12.2023
Peter Fox on Tour with Sennheiser 05.12.2023
Wide Blue Sound updates the AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER to V1.1 01.12.2023
Audix appoints Glenn Roop as Key Account Manager and Consultant Liaison 27.11.2023
Noise Engineering announces Nive Grad, simple level shifter 16.11.2023
Black Lion Audio Revolution 6x6: mobile Revolution mit beispielloser Klangqualität 16.11.2023
Yamaha kündigt neue Funktionen für CS-800 Video Sound Bar an 07.11.2023
RØDE appoints Dr Sam Bucolo as Chief of Design 02.11.2023
Spatial Audio Designer Processor von New Audio Technology 27.10.2023
Sennheiser Microphones used for The Grand Jam in Frankfurt 26.10.2023
Digital Audio Denmark introduces DADlink High-Speed Connection 25.10.2023
Tracktion Love by Dawesome 24.10.2023
PSP auralComp 17.10.2023
NTi Audio stellt Impact Ball IB01 vor 12.10.2023
Cloud licenses Cloudlifter Technology to Shure for New SM7dB 11.10.2023
Sony unveils three Wireless Microphones 27.09.2023
DPA Microphones announces New Headquarters 20.09.2023
AES 2023 International Conference on Spatial and Immersive Audio a Success 14.09.2023
Voltour Valve Enhancer: The Latest Plugin From Nembrini 12.09.2023
Date for SUPERBOOTH 2024 + SB23 announced 28.08.2023
Adamson updates Blueprint AV Software 17.08.2023
Manley Massive Passive XXV Anniversary Edition in Kürze lieferbar 17.08.2023
Royer Labs announces the FlexBar Dual Microphone Utility Bar 14.08.2023
58 Austrian Audio Mics Capture Sound at Open-Air Concert 08.08.2023
Sonnet präsentiert das Echo 13 Triple 4K Display Dock 02.08.2023
Sound Devices announces A20-Nexus Go & A20-TX 25.07.2023
Audio-Technica BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone chosen by Dave Way 17.07.2023