Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
L-Acoustics und d&b audiotechnik verkünden Partnerschaft 25.01.2024
QSC L Class Line-Array Europapremiere beim Biathlon Worldcup 22.01.2024
Native Instruments releases iZotope VEA 17.01.2024
OCA Alliance announces Publication of AES70-2023 Core Standards 17.01.2024
Solid State Logic debuts PUREDRIVE QUAD & OCTO at NAMM Show 2024 04.01.2024
HEAR360 & SONICAL announce Spatial Audio Headphone Collaboration 04.01.2024
Celestion presents Interview with Andreas Hecke, Tube Amp Doctor 21.11.2023
Universal Audio announces UAD Sound City Studios Plug-In 07.11.2023
GForce’s impOSCar2 Synth Now included with Audient Software Bundle 17.10.2023
PSP auralComp 17.10.2023 launches its Golden Master Pedal 09.10.2023
Solid State Logic launch B-DYN 500 Series Module 09.08.2023
Dolby und Mercedes-Benz beim Sónar 2023 13.06.2023
Noise Engineering introduces the Polydactyl and Librae plug-ins 20.04.2023
Wharfedale Pro launches ISOLINE-AX Series, a new live sound solution 18.04.2023
Voxengo Elephant 5.3 mastering limiter plugin released 17.04.2023
sonible bringt pure:comp und pure:verb auf den Markt und kreiert das neue pure:bundle 22.03.2023
sonible launches the new pure:bundle with their release of pure:verb and pure:comp 22.03.2023
Microtech Gefell CMV 563 - M 7 s Vintage-Mikrofon 24.02.2023
Focusrite announce huge 87% discount for AI-powered plugin collection, FAST Bundle 16.02.2023
Black Lion Audio Bluey 500 bringt FET-Kompressor-Sound in die Lunchbox 13.02.2023
Black Lion Audio announces availability of Bluey 500 10.02.2023
d&b audiotechnik präsentiert HeadroomCalc auf der ISE 2023 31.01.2023
United Plugins releases the loudness maximizer FireMaximizer 16.01.2023
Voxengo Elephant 5.2 mastering limiter plugin released 20.12.2022
sonible releases pure:limit – a limiter plug-in for creators 14.12.2022
sonible bringt pure:limit auf den Markt 14.12.2022
Sommer cable präsentiert Multicore-Lautsprecherkabel SC-ELEPHANT ROBUST SPM2440 13.12.2022
Be inspired, learn and discover new opportunities with the ISE 2023 Conference Programme 12.12.2022
ISOVOX introduces ISOPLUG as plug-in for vocals and voice-over 17.11.2022
Focusrite introduces FAST Limiter and new FAST Bundle 07.10.2022