Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
Focusrite plc purchase Innovate Audio 27.06.2024
Nick Mac expands Focusrite Arsenal of His Recording Setup 05.06.2024
Brad Berridge bolsters Focusrite Group US 29.05.2024
Focusrite RedNet Components chosen by Manny Sanchez 24.05.2024
Focusrite RedNet Components chosen for Heights Theater Scoring Stage 15.05.2024
Joseph Chudyk chooses Focusrite RedNet Components 07.05.2024
Earth Day 2024: Focusrite Group’s continued Commitment to Decarbonization 22.04.2024
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 / 4i4 Generation 4 05.03.2024
Focusrite RedNet Components used for Super Bowl LVIII Coverage 16.02.2024
Rupert Neve Design Newton Channel 06.02.2024
Focusrite Group CEO Tim Carroll named President of MIDI Association 29.01.2024
Native Instruments releases iZotope VEA 17.01.2024
Tascam announces TH-11: Versatile Studio-Grade Headphones 11.01.2024
Focusrite’s Phil Dudderidge awarded OBE 03.01.2024
Baby Audio announces the free Plug-In Beat Slammer 21.12.2023
Focusrite now shipping RedNet PCIeNX 20.12.2023
PAMA Members Speak Out on Trends in Immersive Audio Product Demand 20.12.2023
Focusrite plc purchase OutBoard Electronics and TiMax Immersive Audio Solutions 19.12.2023
Avantone Pro announces ‘White Cone’ CLA-10A Limited Edition 13.12.2023
BOSS announces IR-2 Amp & Cabinet Pedal 04.12.2023
Sennheiser announces Additional Components for EW-DX Microphone System 28.11.2023
Focusrite announces huge Discounts on Scarlet Vocaster 21.11.2023
Focusrite on the Production of New Ashley Monroe Single “Over Everything” 21.11.2023
VSL releases GPU Power Extension for Vienna MIR Pro 3D, powered by GPU Audio 07.11.2023
Gamechanger Audio releases the PLASMA Voice Synthesizer Module 02.11.2023
VSL releases Free World Winds Expansion for Synchron Prime Edition 31.10.2023
Neumann Referenz-Monitoring in der Hotel-Suite 27.10.2023
Eventide releases Blackhole and MicroPitch Immersive Plug-ins 25.10.2023
Focusrite to demonstrate Audio Interfaces at AES New York 19.10.2023
Riedel unveils MediorNet HorizoN at IBC2023 15.09.2023
Producer and Songwriter Brian Howes relies on Focusrite Interfaces 08.09.2023
Vienna Symphonic Library veröffentlicht Synchron Smart Orchestra 05.09.2023
IK Multimedia releases iRig HD X 31.08.2023
Focusrite introduces the new Scarlett Solo, 2i2 and 4i4 31.08.2023
Focusrite Equipment used at Sonic Forest Studios for Immersive Audio 22.08.2023
Focusrite Vocaster Two gives Torrington High School an educational edge 14.08.2023
Acoustune is introduced to the European market by cma audio 10.08.2023
Focusrite RedNet Components used at Loyola University New Orleans 07.08.2023
American Mobile relies on Focusrite Technology 31.07.2023
American Mobile relies on Focusrite Technology 31.07.2023
Herbert Grönemeyer auf Tournee mit Sennheiser Digital 6000 28.07.2023
Focusrite RedNet R1 Desktop Remote Controller Chosen by Leading Audio Professionals 25.07.2023
Rob Papen Blue III und eXplorer 8 Update 04.07.2023
Shure Equipment für die Krönung von König Charles III genutzt 29.06.2023
Partnerschaft von d&b audiotechnik und Solid State Logic bei Soundscape 26.06.2023
Die Yamaha DM7-Serie hebt kompakte Digitalmischpulte auf ein neues Niveau 07.06.2023
Pliant Technologies announces CrewCom v1.14 Update 31.05.2023
Allen & Heath dLive System used for Devin Townsend’s Lightwork Tour 18.05.2023
Focusrite Red and RedNet Technology used by Rawr Productions 04.05.2023
Focusrite Solutions Serve as the Audio Gateway for One for One Productions Studio 27.04.2023