Rhodes Music Group boosts Production to reduce MK8 Piano Lead Times

RhodesMusic manufacturing

Rhodes Music Group, relaunched as a UK-based brand in 2021 under CEO Matt Pelling, announces a significant reduction in the lead time for their highly sought-after MK8 piano to just six months. This reduction marks a major milestone for the company and underscores their commitment to meeting customer demand more efficiently.

The MK8, the first official piano under the new ownership, has been in such high demand that a waitlist was created, and limited editions like the 75th Anniversary and Earth Edition ? have sold out quickly. This achievement showcases Rhodes' successful relaunch into the market, driven by a dedicated and innovative team led by Chief Product Officer Dan Goldman.

Dan Goldman, with a background in repairing and restoring vintage Rhodes pianos, played a pivotal role in the journey of building and designing the MK8 piano. “I used to gig with a Rhodes piano and learned how to maintain it on the fly. This gave me a unique perspective and a hands-on approach to designing the MK8,” he said. This experience was crucial in overcoming early challenges and driving the team’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

One of the standout achievements for the MK8 is its complete sourcing from suppliers within the UK. Goldman expressed immense pride in this accomplishment, noting, “We were determined to prove that a high-quality electromechanical piano could be manufactured entirely in the UK. Despite many doubters, we have successfully partnered with local, quality-conscious manufacturers to make this a reality.”

A continuous improvement approach has been central to optimizing parts and processes. Goldman highlighted the importance of feedback loops in refining the piano’s design. “We’ve worked tirelessly to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. From improving part quality to streamlining assembly, every step has been refined to ensure we can deliver the MK8 more quickly without compromising on quality.”

Collaboration with a talented in-house production team at the Rhodes factory in Leeds has been instrumental. “The production team are an incredible bunch of people, highly skilled and many with backgrounds in music production. Their dedication and talent have been key to our success,” said Goldman.

The focus on rigorous quality control while striving to increase production efficiency has paid off. Specific actions like analyzing materials and improving supplier relationships have streamlined production. This has enabled Rhodes to build an average of 10 pianos every week, sometimes producing more than two pianos in a single day.

Dan Goldman’s passion for reviving the Rhodes legacy with a new electromechanical piano of the highest quality is evident in every aspect of the MK8. “The MK8 is more than just a piano; it’s a testament to the legacy and innovation that Rhodes represents. We’ve combined the best of both worlds – the classic Rhodes sound with modern functionality,” Goldman stated.

For potential customers, this reduction in lead time means getting their hands on the iconic MK8 piano sooner. Rhodes invites everyone to visit their website for more information on the MK8 and how to place an order.